XXXtentacion Disrespected by Comedian - My Reaction
Dina Hashem has ignited the internet by making some jokes about XXXtentacion. Let's talk about it

  • lil benny
    lil benny

    Damn forgot juice was still rockin then

  • Noobnumber 21
    Noobnumber 21

    Yes, xxxdictacion also said shit bout tupac

  • sanjith schmidt
    sanjith schmidt

    leave a like and u willlll get a first seat class to the comment sec that is the angriest on youtube

  • Qusai Alghamdi
    Qusai Alghamdi

    don't justify, u shouldnt be talking about the dead anyway

  • Jeremiah Zorola
    Jeremiah Zorola

    Comedians aren't safe dude. They transcend boundaries. Thats what they're supposed to do. There are many racist comedians and some write their racist jokes so brilliantly that I respect it the artform. Even if its against my own race. Comedians are the last defense against freedom of speech. It was a good fucking joke. To be fair x and other rappers sing about dying all the time, irony qt its finest?

  • Eric Blair
    Eric Blair

    "A young person of color murdered in the streets" Uh oh I sense that you don't understand that him being black shouldn't matter .... That's called racism, Sir

  • Eric Blair
    Eric Blair

    You know who didn't laugh at Dina's joke? XxxTentacion

    • Eric Blair
      Eric Blair

      @Keely Chesher It's unfortunate that society has failed you to the point that someone else's words can make you want to end your own life. I hope you find peace, learn to value your life more than someone else's ideas 😉 We're all gonna die, I'd rather someone have a laugh at my demise than kill themselves for someone else laughing about it Best wishes❤️

    • Keely Chesher
      Keely Chesher

      U didn’t have to go there when she said that joke made me want to kms and x made us fans not feel so lonely and that made us not want to kos don’t come for a person who cannot defend there selfs u didn’t even have to comment u could have just clicked off and left it alone

  • Eric Blair
    Eric Blair

    If there are unsafe topics to joke about then nothing is okay to joke about, you tool fuck

  • Eric Blair
    Eric Blair

    What the fuck ever, you all laugh at jokes about abortion, pedophilia, and everything else but think that this wasn't funny because it was the "wrong time"? Fuck you

    • Keely Chesher
      Keely Chesher

      What comedians do u listen to Jesus Christ

  • Alexander Khlapov
    Alexander Khlapov

    Jokes are jokes, if you dont get it, move on.

  • Josh Garcia
    Josh Garcia

    Lmao watching this a year later and that joke is pretty funny sorry 😅😂

  • Flame 030
    Flame 030

    I wish every one used the women beater card on six nine


    It's crazy cuz even on the comedy factor its not even funny tho poor joke if you do joke about shit like that make it funny at least


    This bitch jokes about a young man who was killed and she think its funny Fuck her

  • 08AnnabelLee

    I never realized rap fans were such pussies. Then I heard his music

  • Jagger Boucher
    Jagger Boucher

    Just went and watched the joke, very funny

  • Jorge Zamora
    Jorge Zamora

    that shit was funny and u a pussy

  • Xenny404

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that she's racist? Like yeah the X joke was messed up and all, but she also posted on instagram about someone who insulted her in DM and pointed out that person was from Rome, Italy, and then she proceded to make a joke about Covid-19.

  • SamuelWilson615

    It’s tough for me cuz I love comedy and I love X. Like, in my opinion I think the joke has to be worth it. Like if she’s gonna make a joke about X dying. She has to make it so beyond fucking funny that I can’t even breathe. But she failed to do so. And it’s just fucking dumb of her to do that.

  • Smack Knots
    Smack Knots

    She’s the type to get mad if u say female comedians aren’t funny

  • imaferretmaster

    Had the joke been about someone like eric garner I doubt anyone would have cared. It was a celebrity that some young kids liked, she made a joke that mentioned his name but wasnt about him at all and these kids went nuts. To even say we wouldnt joke about Taylor swift is a seriously ignorant statement. It has nothing to do with him being young, it tas everything to do with his having a small die hard group of fans. Honestly the average person never heard of this guy until he died, so its only a very small group of people that even could get offended.

    • imaferretmaster

      @Your Mom honestly as a huge rap and hip hop head I never heard of him, and no one I know actually listened to him even the ones who did know him. He wasnt a household name until he died, regardless of what a die hard fan base he obviously had.

    • Your Mom
      Your Mom

      imaferretmaster Dude his album reached number 1 on the billboard charts MONTHS before he passed. He had multiple platinum singles a YEAR before he passed. Anyone who knew rap knew X. Anyone under 35 with a couple of friends and access to the internet had heard of him. I think you are the ignorant one to underestimate the influence he had before death. What’s next are you gonna say the majority of people have never heard of Juice Wrld before he died? Not saying she deserves this hate just saying you’re an idiot for acting like no one knew him until he died.

  • ike ike
    ike ike

    Dina Hashem is great. X fans need to give it a rest. This shows just how different hip-hop and comedy is. Comedy makes fun of everyone and everything with no personal intention, it's controversial and holds no punches. Hip-hop is an aggressive beef-dissing medium, and the hip-hop fans here need to understand that comedy is irresponsible.. Go watch Roastmasters to understand comedy roasting and appreciate that art. Go watch Don Rickles. Dina Hashem is a super talent, and frankly she's been super accommodative with her actions. The things X fans are resorting to is nothing short of imbecilic.

  • Robert Nicolae
    Robert Nicolae

    Why do people from thr hip hop community act like tough guys and then proceed to cry like babies at a fucking joke. It wasn’t even a bad joke, it was fucking hilarious, but after all, I guess 12 year old depressed kids listening to mumble rap aren’t exactly the toughest people out there

  • juan contreras
    juan contreras

    The joke was about Venmo not about making fun of him directly.

  • 2KINDY

    YOU KNOW WHAT BOTHERS ME THE MOST , it’s that people disrespect him for his past but they do it when the man is dead and isn’t here to defend himself like dats some low weak ass shit

    • ike ike
      ike ike

      It's not a fucking news report, it's comedy. It's not about defending yourself. Comedy is unrestrained and purely what's said on stage remains on stage. The actual incident of x is super tragic, the pain must be horrible for fans and his loved ones. But this was within the medium of comedy. Go watch Dina Hashem in Roastmasters and learn what standup roasting is about. Don't hold a grudge about something that isn't there.

  • NFL christian jaamal fortson almighty capgang VEVO
    NFL christian jaamal fortson almighty capgang VEVO

    She need to get heated the fuck up

  • black spectre
    black spectre

    Buy some tampons, fool.

  • ephre


  • ephre

    A community who constantly raps about murder are offended by a joke - so utterly stupid.

    • Bargav

      @ephre b0ss, making jokes about dead people is fine but making fun of the way in which they were murdered is NOT funny in the slightest for any stand-up act unless they are doing a parody acting...for example, people make fun of the holocaust or the dead jews but they don't elaborate the way they got killed into their joke material thats just fucked up!! 🙏👍

    • ephre

      @Capo capitan It was brilliant and it's only made funnier by the reactions of you idiots.

    • ephre

      ​@Susuki What is truly too far is this idiot, snowflake, presenter asking 'how do we care for your death, if you make a joke' bit - what an absolute moron. Then he says don't harass her, while making a case for her harass-ability. Utterly devoid of thought.

    • ephre

      @Susuki No, it wasn't even close. It was a fine joke.

    • Susuki

      it was too soon man he was an idol, he was so young aswell that shit too far

  • seylur

    Everybody gansta until Jah starts haunting the shit outta them

  • free iPhone 11 pro
    free iPhone 11 pro

    Oh fuck no where she at

  • Isaiah Ray
    Isaiah Ray

    Kill her with positivity, that’s how x always does it.

  • Mason Patrick
    Mason Patrick

    People are haters jeez

  • Jason Torrens
    Jason Torrens

    Nothing is sacred in comedy. It's comedy. If you're taking it seriously, you're completely missing the point.

  • stez

    I’m a huge x fan and also want to be a comedian when I grow up and that joke was funny

    • stez

      She still shouldn’t have said it

  • therobram

    I'm glad you took down your Twitter post because that was really "safe spacey" of you. Come on man it's a joke.

  • Rui Lopes
    Rui Lopes

    So, let me get this right Comedies need to watch for what they joke about, but musicians should have the right to talk about all sorts of shit from murder to rape and everything in between? Fuck outta here with that shit.

  • Gregory Richardson
    Gregory Richardson

    This analysis sort of fails. Xxx is not Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, Trayvon Martin, or any other regular citizen who was murdered. He was especially not a citizen who was murdered by the government. There is no basis to compare him to people like that. There is a huuuuge difference between making jokes about celebrities, and the tragedies that befall celebrities or public figures in general, and making jokes about private citizens. It's why jokes about Michael Jackson and R. Kelly have always been completely appropriate. It's why nobody got up in arms when Chris Rock talked about Superman not being able to walk. It's why it was ok for Bill Maher to wear a Steve Erwin costume for Halloween the same year he died. There are different rules for people who live in the public eye, and especially those who do so by choice (as there should be). It's the reason libel and defamation laws are different for celebrities. The irony is that the very reason so many people are upset by this is the reason they shouldn't be. Most of the people that have a problem with the joke didn't actually know him. They weren't friends or family or even colleagues. They didn't know him, they just felt like they did because he's a celebrity. (Obviously those who actually knew him are excluded from this, but that number is far smaller than the number if folks who are upset and have literally no connection to this man). Let's be real, comedians joke about the tragedy of people all the time, and we only get offended when it hits too close to home for us. So when a joke is made about a clebritybwe feel like know, we get offended. But again you didn't know him. And all of that leaves aside that this isn't a joke about xxx, it was a joke that involved him. She could have really gone hard on the Darwin award part of this which is that....if you walk around with 50k in actual cash, you are making yourself a target...and that is stupid. Charlemagne the god spent years making fun of people for being just that stupid and NOBODY outside of the people he was making fun of had a problem with it. It feels to me like this is more about a perceived outsider commenting on people in "our" culture.

  • Brandon Ellis
    Brandon Ellis

    I personally think there are no boundaries with comedy but at least make it funny cause that shit was just forced

  • C Snead
    C Snead

    X fans act like this man was a saint or some kind of God and he WASN'T!

    • 1000 Subs with no Videos?
      1000 Subs with no Videos?

      People looked up to him and when someone makes fun of a dead person it probably doesnt feel too great

    • jason richardson
      jason richardson

      God of the kekkei genkai so dude get the fuck over it bro ppl been doing this for centuries

    • 3 AM
      3 AM

      Hes not no body is it's the fact that he is dead and she is making jokes about him being dead

  • Carlos B.
    Carlos B.

    Also Adam the audience she had was probably older people who didn’t know who x was really but your views are correct man . The

  • Carlos B.
    Carlos B.

    She also shouldn’t make jokes about people and topics she knowing nothing about 💯

  • Carlos B.
    Carlos B.

    You never play with the dead because you can’t take it back 💯

  • Lisa Loves Her Chihuahuas
    Lisa Loves Her Chihuahuas

    This B got a lot of NERVE making a joke about someone being murdered! Get some class, Laverne Shirley looking azz!

  • FatBabyOwner

    All this coming from the same fan base that loves to scream “#free” (fill in the blank of your favorite felonious rapper)Who consistently victimize and terrorize the public. I’ve been a hip-hop fan for 20 years and I promise you there are artists out there that are far more talented than a lot of current artists and won’t put you in a position to have to defend the actions of the likes of Kodak, YNW Mel, Tay-k, Bobby so on and so on. And then look like a complete moron and turn around and demand sympathy for a victim of the kind of crimes the above rappers have committed. I wonder how the family of Tayk Victims feel about you and your fans blind support of him. This shit is ridiculous y’all supposed to be straight thug’s, baby thugs, thug fans etc but can’t take a Venmo joke. Again she’s a comedian she tells jokes for a living it’s just entertainment just like rappers rap about all the shit they say they do and then say it’s just entertainment. Look up irony and learn! Not to mention she didn’t ask for your sympathy but all of you consistently demand sympathy for X, you know the Guy who tried to serve his girlfriend up like a well-done steak on the barbecue tool? The worst part about it is that she apologized. And let’s be clear we all know she apologized so she doesn’t get shot or her family killed by a bunch a Soundcloud fans with no boundaries no self identity and an Apparent inability to not only take a joke but to sympathize with anybody that doesn’t directly follow your own narrative and rhetoric. Just like everything else in life you can’t have it both ways. you can’t defend violent criminals that take away family members from people and in the same hand demand that everybody respects Big Tupac Nips etc.They are the victims of the crimes you justify your favorite rappers (that are still alive) committing rapping about profiting from and showing no sympathy for by and large. Now because I not only enjoy X, I don’t think that he is a horrible woman beater (even if he was he doesn’t deserve to die for it for fucks sake), And because I am a pretty hard hip-hop fan to impress and was super excited to see him shake shit up and entertain me for years to come... Sincerely Rest In Peace X And to show that I actually want you to rest in peace and want nothing like this to happen to anybody else like you again I will continue to NOT support rappers that are shown to, admit to , or clearly proven to have committed violent acts perpetuating losses like yours.

    • Heem

      And even branching from that we can and have to practice separating an artist from their art even tho we hate to. I Personally don’t support tay k actions at ALL but I still like his music

    • Heem

      A lot of this argument is wrong and presumptuous but I’d just like to know where is ur proof that he did any of that? I’m not saying There’s no way he did but I’d just like to know what’s ur proof? What gives u this inside knowledge to the situation?

    • M Martínez
      M Martínez

      Well said. The same X fans who got mad about this are the ones who laughed when "Lil Peep" died, Demi Lovato nearly died, and when it became publicly known that a rapper was diagnosed with AIDS or so. These fanboys even got so mad when a rapper dissed X for the whole abuse thing, even though he openly admitted it in a call that he messed up some girl's mental state.

  • Spirit Fire
    Spirit Fire

    Joke was decent. Comedy is subjective no reason to ever get offended by a stand ups bit. It's known while watching stand up comedy that everything will be made fun of. No reason to be a dense sensitive bitch. People get roasted in real time where the whole audience is laughing at them. Learn to take a joke. Hateful little pricks should be using that effort they expended for good.

  • Suicideinsilence

    its a fucking joke get over it people

  • Scott-Michael

    I thought it was hilarious.

  • Gloria Parrish
    Gloria Parrish

    That joke wasn't even worth the risk It was a trash joke nd a black kid losing his life in his hometown over a substantial amount of money wouldn't be a good commercial

    • Suicideinsilence

      it's still a fucking joke


    Can’t say it wasn’t funny though

  • Yo ElHugo
    Yo ElHugo

    But aren’t we all glad he’s dead. ☠️ Just got a Venmo account. 😂😂😂

  • Aco Ivanov
    Aco Ivanov

    Loved Adams insight on this shows he really liked as a person

  • Knight Crawler
    Knight Crawler

    Adam you’re a fucking wack nigga for this one. If you want comedy to be censored then so should music. Niggas rap about rape and murder daily, no one says shit or gives a shit, not to mention what comedians make jokes about. Also you had x on your podcast glorifying him beating up “a faggot” in jail and didn’t say shit. I can’t take yo bald ass seriously talking about “how can you make a joke about someone who is dead” when you didn’t give a shit about other offensive shit any other day of the week.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    your taylor swift analogy was a perfect explanation for all this

  • Christopher Emile
    Christopher Emile

    The punchline was a Venmo joke, and she said it was tragic. Too sensitive

    • Josh Ladin
      Josh Ladin

      Venmo is dog anyways. Even more disrespect pairing his name with it

    • L.C. Dusty
      L.C. Dusty

      @ephre oh and that whole comma thing is bullshit and you know it, dishonest shit. I hope you enjoy the rest of your life there guy, however short that may be.

    • L.C. Dusty
      L.C. Dusty

      @ephre Look more projection on your part. No, you're giving up because I have made an argument and I refused to give into you not because you're bored. You constantly claim I'm being dishonest, when this entire time you have been.

    • ephre

      @L.C. Dusty You could never piss me off - i am completely taken by your idiocy - why do you think i've let this go on for so long? Every new comment is just so stupid and dishonest. But i am getting bored now so i'm probably gonna give up.

    • L.C. Dusty
      L.C. Dusty

      @ephre I really don't care if someone agrees with me or not. I just pissing people like you off

  • John Psaros
    John Psaros

    I thought the hip hop community were supposed to be gangsta and not giving a fuck, y'all just being little bitches

  • Chris W
    Chris W

    I wish we could acknowledge that it is really dumb to walk around with 50k

  • Jason Wall
    Jason Wall

    The fucking joke was funny.

  • Dewi Lew
    Dewi Lew

    Meh. I’m really not offended by the joke. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • shad witts
    shad witts

    Just a joke everyone calm down

    • M Martínez
      M Martínez

      @Roger C Just because you didn't find it funny, it doesn't mean that everybody didn't.

  • Soren Balfire
    Soren Balfire

    I was never mourning x never cared for the guy he aint jesus or Anybody important just another loser

  • Boston Towny4life
    Boston Towny4life

    It's comedy, get over it dude. Nothing is supposed to be off limits when it comes to comedy. Comedy is the last true form of freedom of speech and it has been long before freedom of speech was a thing. It was the court Jesters who were the only ones in the kingdom that were allowed to make jokes at the kings expense (most of the time, that is), because even tyrants knew that we just got to laugh at all the bullshit sometimes. The day we start censoring comedy, no matter how offensive it is, is the day we might as well throw the first amendment in the trash. And no, I don't particularly find this girls joke to be funny, not because it's "distasteful" but because it was just a lame delivery, but whatever, to each's own. Comedy can NEVER be censored.

  • Romel Delorme
    Romel Delorme

    Times are fucking soft now. She's comedian. Nothing is off topic. That joke slaps period

  • Z

    'Adam22 gets upset over joke'

  • That one guy
    That one guy

    She’s a comedian it’s her job Louie ck was making jokes about the teacher who got killed in the parkland shooting I think it was that one right? But they don’t say it seriously they say it to get a reaction from an audience that’s the goal a sorta “oh my god” and a laugh

  • Sloth375

    Bro when Dave makes fun of Gay people trans people , white people, child rape y'all love it lmao and it's ok because " there's no limit to comedy" or "everyone gets made fun of" FOH with that "Im offended " ass shit


    She didn’t make fun of his death in specific it was a joke around it Adam ur the same dude constantly out here defending idiots like Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson despite them clearly being pseudo intellectual conservative lunatics but some comedian does a joke about a death and everyone is up in arms and ur comparing someone being killed by the cops cause there black to a guy being killed during a robbery two different things I don’t like the joke at all but I know none of u would be mad if a group of kids Afghanistan got drone striked in class by the us and someone made a joke no would care and again the joke wasn’t about x no is laughing at his death it’s about the something surrounding it

  • erwin meester
    erwin meester

    in comedy NOTHING is off limits, you are free to feel offended, that's on you.

    • ComicWriter 2020
      ComicWriter 2020

      Fort Pierce Testing if you are a celebrity you are not immune to jokes. When I was in middle school, I was the biggest Eminem fanboy. And I watched parodies where they were saying he was gay. That pissed me off. Then I grew up, and then realized “hey, I can laugh at this. I get it”.

    • M Martínez
      M Martínez

      ​@Fort Pierce Testing Except she didn't really put her life in danger. Y'all are just over sensitive pussies.

  • Jay K
    Jay K

    According to South Park and comedy rules.. *20 Years*

    • ComicWriter 2020
      ComicWriter 2020

      Jay K I feel like that should be a year or two because you know people will be making memes of that shit a month later.

  • Not Sorry
    Not Sorry

    its all okay or none of its okay. its not a joke if it doesn't offend. you're just begging for more X jokes with your tweet and this video. Dina is wonderful and I'm sure as a comedian she knew it was offensive but probably didnt think the hiphop community was such a bunch of baby snowflakes. i'd love it if she made fun of my death. my goal in life is to die in a way even my family would laugh at. i'm a female and theres no joke you could tell that would cause me to lash out like that. the audience laughed and she's famous now, lol. good for her.

  • Not Sorry
    Not Sorry

    it's a joke, she's a comedian, she don't have to respect your feelings. i don't get being that offended by a joke. the joke wasn't even on the dude, it was on everything else, including herself. she was making herself out to be a terrible person for having those thoughts but she's not.

  • AC Blitz
    AC Blitz

    I swear everyone has done it already

  • Young B likes a drink
    Young B likes a drink

    Comedian Brody stwvwns died and a few days later his froends made suicide jokes and shit. Comedians joke in all situations. Stop being sheltered little cunts. I am leftist person but I realöy agree with Ben shapiros right to say what he wants even tho he say some fucked up shit.

  • Flume YT
    Flume YT

    that was a funny joke too 😭

  • Trey Wheeler
    Trey Wheeler

    The same people who are infuriated called Demi Lovato a crackhead ass bitch literally the week she overdosed.

  • stan shaud
    stan shaud

    If you’re a comic and you find her joke offensive, this ain’t your line of work sorry. The fucking joke wasn’t even an X joke it was a god damn Venmo joke, stop being so god damn sensitive you pussies. People make jokes about MJ still and that fuckers been dead for 10 years. If Dave Chappell would’ve made this joke I am certain no one would’ve made such a fuss about it. Dark humor has a place and if you can’t handle it you don’t need to be watching stand up or doing it.

  • Gael Castillo
    Gael Castillo

    This shit funny as hell x death jokes got me dead😂

  • 2hip

    Im upset because the joke sucks. Rap the art of the dis.smh fuckong hypocridy at its finest

  • DEOxYRG Spazzo 2.0
    DEOxYRG Spazzo 2.0

    Bro Why does everyone bring up x’s incident didn’t the charges get dropped and the same girl went to his memorial???

    • M Martínez
      M Martínez

      1. The charges got dropped only AFTER people started to harass and "bully" his ex girl, which kinda shows that she wanted them dropped outta fear 2. X admitted to messing up her mental state during a phonemail in his time in jail and this was shown in a video. Mental abuse is as bad as physical abuse, and sometimes even worst

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos

    There is a difference between joking about a person or group of people, and joking about a person or group of people who got murdered. It's distasteful regardless of the occasion or platform it was said on.

  • Jon J
    Jon J

    In 2008 that joke would’ve came and went with no press

  • Jon J
    Jon J

    You have that opinion because you’re not in the comedy world there’s so many much more offensive jokes

  • leila

    Oh god its a joke get Over it

  • Oskari Rintamäki
    Oskari Rintamäki

    That joke was completely fine, you people are so easily offended by everything that is related to X. Like people listen to rappers rapping about rape, murder, all kinds of horrible acts. But holy hell if anyone mentions anything about a dead rapper. She didn't even make fun of him in any way.

  • Stoned Collective
    Stoned Collective

    I'm jealous of her balls

  • RichWaterz

    I think that comedy is art in the way that you should never tell a painter how and what to paint. Some artists create bad songs or paintings so why can't a comedian be held by the same standards by telling a bad joke?. On a side note most young rappers brag about shooting or hurting other young people in a similar way so why do they not receive the same backlash?. The moment you start diving people and saying well it's okay here but not there that's a slippery slope into discrimination.

  • ClappingFetus

    This video is a pussy ass take. Get the fuck over it. It's a joke. Just because you don't think it's funny doesn't mean other people feel the same. I wish she would double down and do an entire set of nothing but X jokes now.

  • Redja Hilt
    Redja Hilt

    Y'all are way too sensitive

  • Redja Hilt
    Redja Hilt

    In comedy anything goes! People say offensive shit all the time in stand up alone


    Adam: "...there's a couple ways to look at this..." no, no there's not, it was a joke during a comedy set, that's it, done

  • Super big Man
    Super big Man

    Imagine just making a joke about x that wasn’t even that offensive but then a bunch of 14 year olds start commenting clown emojis and track you down

  • K Kidsz
    K Kidsz

    Adam, i respect you. But i think you might be getting hit from that JOKE a little too hard. You acted like there's no other offensive joke out there, holocaust have been exclusively joked about and that's even a bigger devastating event. In the realm of comedy, it's nothing new, death, murder, homophobia, etc, all has been on the end of a joke. Just try to understand that it's not your kind of joke. So you don't have to understand why she use that topic as a joke, because that's comic's job.

  • lord cobi
    lord cobi

    He wasn't even a rapper lol

  • Maciah Hernandez
    Maciah Hernandez

    Well it’s just fucked up even if it was not x because it’s not funny to joke about anyone’s death but I also want to say let’s spread positivity as x would do in this situation

  • Playboi Bradyyy
    Playboi Bradyyy

    That bitch just ended her career💀💀


    In pretty sure he was going to buy a motorcycle right? So I mean 50,000 in cash isn't a bad thing

  • PoopsMagoops

    Bunch of tough guys with paper thin skin. Says something about the rap community and maybe why I think 90% of current stuff is shit. Em told us to get a sense of humor and y'all dumbasses didn't list apparently. (You ain't parents)

  • Chris Peña
    Chris Peña

    Wow just wow I'm absolutely pissed off at these triggered snowflakes getting mad over a joke about XXXTERMINATED. This generation is too soft way too soft. If George Carlin were here he probably would have made fun of X and no one would say a damn thing! But after he died humanity went downhill even more. It's just a joke it's not actually real. What about all those people who joke about the Holocaust do they get sent death threats for making those kind of dark humor jokes? No. The fact that these loser actually have to send a death threat to her is pathetic and proves these people get offended way too easy. Relax and take a f*cking joke you P*ssies. Go and watch George Carlin now that's dark humor.

  • lex 4ever
    lex 4ever

    A guy who has ripped off black culture by acting like hes some gatekeeper is hilarious ...comedy is dead thanks to butthurt soft sjw's

  • lex 4ever
    lex 4ever

    Getting upset about a comedian making jokes you a fucking moron ......

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