People Dislike Bhad Bhabie because She's White?
Bhad Bhabie says she's done rapping because she's not getting the respect she deserves as a 16 year old white rapper. Let's discuss

  • Hayden Eden
    Hayden Eden

    Not gonna lie she is actually better than most women rappers rn

  • Sean Dat ravens fan
    Sean Dat ravens fan

    Nobody likes her bcuz she not street at all

  • big daddy tiger king of the earth big daddy
    big daddy tiger king of the earth big daddy

    Love you bhad bhabie you are amazing love your songs you are my number 1 white female rapper i lesson to love your songs gucci flip flops mama dont worry young and bad trust me your songs are start fire keep on doin what you your doin and keep your style up


    Maybe because her claim to fame was being a vulgar little twatsickle on Dr. Phil. She rude, aggressive, talentless and lacks basic home training. Megan Trainor is a better rapper than this brat.

  • Fuse4Gaming

    You were friends with a 15 or so year old girl?

    • Fuse4Gaming

      "Famous rapper" HAHHAA!

    • Fuse4Gaming

      Her music is terrible and she doesn't write it. If she does, she shouldn't be proud of it.

  • Shop Vibros
    Shop Vibros

    Can we just all agree that the girl can’t rap for shit

  • James King
    James King

    You have no souls and you’re spreading negativity lol

  • James King
    James King

    Stop doing this shit lol

  • James King
    James King

    Adam is bitch af

  • James King
    James King

    This dude shouldn’t have an opinion in rap music he’s a ducking metal head from Ohio tf does he have to do with any of this shit he interviewed lil peep and blew up and has promoted trash ever since all the bitch made fake rappers go to him to get seen

    • Stormy 2222
      Stormy 2222

      James King you spelled the word “fucking” wrong and you put the word “ducking” dumb fuck

  • Emery Booker
    Emery Booker

    Man Lady XO is fine and has suck lyrics and stays steady on her flow.

  • sav

    Definitely-though not solely! It is socially acceptable to be racially disparaging towards white people in society.

  • Cooper 2k
    Cooper 2k

    No she just fuckin sucks she's tryna be something she's not

    • Stormy 2222
      Stormy 2222

      Sexual Assault what about Eminem he’s a white rapper too

  • BikeLife

    She sucks and she's annoyin it's kinda sad the we the people of the usa choose to make this cash me outside girl a celebrity... annoyin ass little girl

    • Stormy 2222
      Stormy 2222

      Austin M what about Eminem he’s a white rapper too and talks ghetto like her so what you mean

  • Niya H
    Niya H


    • Stormy 2222
      Stormy 2222

      Niya H I said act ghetto and you can’t act a color

    • Niya H
      Niya H

      Eminem has never been ghetto he use to dress with the times and js acts serious all the time he use to be wild and crazy but never acted black if your referring to his earlier years were he wore his pants down and was always saying the first thing that came to his head that’s not acting black that was always his personality DR DRE has said that was always how he was Eminem grew up in the hood and got discovered by DR DRE a black man that’s a legendary producer because he was creative and had a mind of his own and said how he felt he never acted black bead babie wears long nails and talks with a ratchet accent which she has revealed on live is not her real voice as she has mistakenly talked in her real voice she’s always comparing herself to a black women then gets mad when black women don’t agree with her she didn’t get famous off of being creative and a lyrical genius she got famous of disrespecting her mother and js making videos after that her fame isn’t deserved and once again your example was terrible a better example would be WOAH VICKY,IGGY AZAELA, etc

    • Niya H
      Niya H

      Brianna Baby Eminem is actually a good rapper who has perfected his craft time and time again and he doesn’t act black he grew up around black people and js acts like a cool ass white dude she constantly is quick to talk shit about black people once they don’t agree with her or her music and her music is generic Eminem is a lyrical genius in my opinion and everyone else Eminem has been verified and called a legend by many black legends in the industry and he got the fame he deserved by being creative and constantly putting other black artist on and giving them their props all she does is disrespect our culture and act as if she’s entitled for black peoples to like it and I don’t respect it ALOT OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY LOVES EMINEM BUT DOESNT LIKE BHAF BABIE UNLESS THEIR A LITTLE KID OR A TEENAGER SHE GOT FAMOUS FOR BEING DISRESPECTFUL AND ACTING LIKE A STEREOTYPE THAT IS SUPPOSE TO BE A BLACK WOMEN EMINEM HAS NEVER TRIED TO ACT LIKE A BLACK MAN OR A WOMEN THAT WAS ACTUALLY A TERRIBLE EXAMPLE YOUR ENTITLED TO YOUR OPINION AND I AM TO MINE EMINEM ONCE AGAON HAS BEEN VERIFIED BY LEGENDS SUCH AS JAY Z KANYE WEST RIHANNA AND MANY OTHER BLACK ARTIST TODAY NOT JS IN RAP BUT IN POP HE GOT FAMOUS FOR HIS CREATIVITY AND HIS LYRICAL TALENT GO LOOK HIM UP LISTEN TO HOW HIS MYSIC EVOLVED AND WHAT MANY ARTIST HAVE HAD TO SAY ABOUT HIM NOW U WERE BETTER OFF USING WOAH VICKY AS A EXAMPLE

    • Stormy 2222
      Stormy 2222

      Niya H and you can’t act a color,you can be a color but you can’t act a color

    • Stormy 2222
      Stormy 2222

      Niya H what about Eminem he’s a white rapper too and he act really ghetto to do how you gonna say that?

  • tobi7

    i thought she was latina bruh just a pale latina

  • Sith Btz
    Sith Btz

    xxl hasnt had credibility in years regardless of if they woulda put bhad bay cunt in the cover or not

  • Holly DR
    Holly DR

    Wtf Adam! We are the same age...what did you think salt n pepper did back in the day?! RAP. It’s not new for women rappers to exist. Just a lack of decent ones more recently, except for Snow Tha Product. She is bomb and deserves more attention.

  • dudeofdeath868

    Bad music= bad musical artist

  • Clemtor

    Nav interview?

  • Mechella Bella
    Mechella Bella

    That's great she got her feelings hurt over her bugs bunny teeth.... cant be mad about being REAL she should respect that if anything...MUCH LOVE ADAM XoXo

  • Diego Platero
    Diego Platero


  • Emma

    If Danielle matures and grows up well she will be able to adapt her career, if she keeps yes men around her and remains in this egotistical hype beast mode, in 10 years she'll be forgotten and revert back to 'that girl on doctor Phil'.

  • Eiksu719er

    She raps like she reads with 2 fingers...c'mon thank you for quitting rap.

  • jerin browder
    jerin browder

    Her teeth are fucked up lmao

    • Stormy 2222
      Stormy 2222

      jerin browder how you dumb bitch

  • RC pranks
    RC pranks

    Because her music is bad

    • Stormy 2222
      Stormy 2222

      RC pranks Eminem is white guy too and he raps what you mean

  • baretrillz

    No we don’t like her cus she trash. Everyone tryna pull the race card for anything

    • Stormy 2222
      Stormy 2222

      baregryllz Eminem is a white rapper too and he talks ghetto and all that shit bruh

  • Keicia Shanta
    Keicia Shanta


  • Keicia Shanta
    Keicia Shanta

    I hate you Stupid

  • Keicia Shanta
    Keicia Shanta

    You is White you is racist I hate

  • Tanner Cox
    Tanner Cox

    I hear all these media channels saying people hate her but all I hear is hella girls listening to her songs😂

  • Eat.

    All her music videos got more than 1million views what is she crying about

  • Olivia Hallie
    Olivia Hallie

    What does she mean by half these female rappers that dont make sense because half to almost all these female rappers are black

  • Brian Everstien
    Brian Everstien

    That Rico nasty roast lmaooo

  • Mike Oxsmall
    Mike Oxsmall

    People don't like her cuz she's an entitled spoiled brat that got famous off some Bullsh** like everybody else nowadays with really no true talent

  • mauricio trejo
    mauricio trejo

    She is garbo

  • Celo

    Lmao "a bitch who can really rap" 😂 I'm fuckin deceased


    And she gonna only get better


    Rick nasty the only dope artist whack n megan are gimmicks


    Yo but she can actually rap yall need to give her a chance


    Im on that grown man flow im gonna keep going to pop the team off D.W.B WHO IS MY SONS CHANCE-D.COM AND 13 ON THE BEAT AND LEXI- TONEZ


    I tag no jumper on my Instagram posts check out BUST-IT-INER-FACE FROM MARINO7244_HEAVYTONEZ


    Yo adam listen to my song BUST-IT-INER-FACE ITS A HIT I PROMISE

  • coolyco

    She's still a child, and I don't like going in on kids, but, this girl's rapping is trash. Adam 22 is white, and people fuck with him.

  • Mc Earl
    Mc Earl

    I really hate that she writes “they pretty” and “you like they style”.

  • vpr od
    vpr od

    No you baiting people hate on her because her music is trash

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck

    How you gonna try to argue that you a better rapper when you legit don’t write any words or music to your own songs and you legit never wanted to be in the music biz until the opportunity fell into lap.

  • Dirty Dishless98
    Dirty Dishless98

    She did her job...the FBI is on the way guys

  • deniz yılmaz
    deniz yılmaz

    she is stupid thats why

  • Tim Kruse
    Tim Kruse

    this white ball sack adam is almost 55

    • Nate Gucci
      Nate Gucci

      Tim Kruse he’s 35 years old idiot

  • Spooks

    A 16 year old multimillionaire with multiple billboard 100 songs, a sold tour honestly feels she isn’t supported enough? While I’m sure she gets a massive amount of hate as everyone in the public eye does, she is definitely not looking at things objectively here.

  • LilDrezz 12
    LilDrezz 12

    Love the videos bro we gonna meet soon homie 💯💯 to do a interview

  • Quinn McDonald
    Quinn McDonald

    People don’t like her because she’s way too immature and childish. Straight up.

  • Reid Fraser
    Reid Fraser

    Please talk about “Viking Barbie” on IG who is trying to go from cam girl to rapper and her songs are trasssshhhhhh

  • BGaff

    I watched her Snapchat tv show bullshit and it seems she doesn’t wanna work and is always whining..if she did more UZload videos and shit she would get the views but she thinks she a platinum rapper (yes she gets views). But most people just watch to see what cringe shit we can see..she should just do funny ass videos on UZload and rap

  • Nathan Wang
    Nathan Wang

    She literally showed up in dr Phil’s show and said one damn line...and now in 2019 she’s famous. Just some white girl acting like she’s from Compton. Besides, her music is so ass.

  • Anthony Goon
    Anthony Goon

    Or maybe because she's not that good??? Why do race always gotta come up


    No cause she’s trash u serious man I don’t even know why or how she’s a rapper now people actually talk about her like she’s a legit it’s insane this guy is an old ass man and says he’s friends with 16 year old

  • Tully Harold
    Tully Harold

    People hate her cus she's stupid. Also the reason people likes her it's cuds she's dumb . She get attention for bein stupid

  • jeovanny Garcia
    jeovanny Garcia

    She is ass

  • Henry Marckisotto
    Henry Marckisotto

    Adam out here beefing with a 15 year old girl lmao

  • Mohamed Arreh
    Mohamed Arreh

    “i AiNt nEvEr GiVe a FuCk BoUt a BrOkE bItCh, i aInT nEvEr GiVe a FuCk BoUt nO bItCh” headass🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Elliot Mullen
    Elliot Mullen

    Adam you wack for deleting the your video on mgk’s candy music video - you deserved to get hated on for your opinion - its obvious u have a bias against mgk 😂 u got too many dislikes so u deleted it

  • Bobby Bonilla Bobcat
    Bobby Bonilla Bobcat

    People don't like her because she's annoying as fuck

  • Josiah Deck
    Josiah Deck

    Bad bahby cant rap at all. She has a horrible attitude. She trys way to hats to sound hood. She is straight wack as fuck. Its sad if she thinks she can rap.

  • Ansh Aryan
    Ansh Aryan

    she obv doesn’t like the fact that she’s white herself

  • Cassius King
    Cassius King

    One day we be all the same color and scientists say its gonna be light skinned. Until then some1 somewhere will always hate on color

  • *La&Sape*

    Yes people dont fuck with her because she came up from being disrespectful to her fkn mom

  • kaNNN to THE Yeeezy
    kaNNN to THE Yeeezy

    Lol deleated ur very BIAS video ragging on mgk. Funny bro, shows u care WAYY Too much about people think. Not saying youre wrong for your opinion but come on man. Mgk has more lyrical talent and talent in general than more than 80 percent the trash rappers u post.

  • baileyonthedaily

    nah Adam, these kinda headlines are highly distasteful when you know you just fishing for extra views. Don't become one of those.

    • nobody cares
      nobody cares

      Ya 🤦🤦🤦💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Ghost Pixel
    Ghost Pixel

    I think they hate her because of the Dr Phil incident then after the Dr Phil she was famous then she deciced to turn to make songs and turned that. clout from the Dr Phil show and became a rap artist

  • Kyle James
    Kyle James

    No bc she’s a little kid

    • Nate Gucci
      Nate Gucci

      Kyle James she’s 16 years old how is that a little

  • ChubbsReviews

    I think she doesn’t like that she’s white

    • Nate Gucci
      Nate Gucci

      Real Mutastic what about Eminem he’s a white rapper too

  • Rowgly

    "Who really wants to listen to a 16 yr old rap?" Was thinking the same thing when i saw Bslime singing about "back in the day" when hes literally a fetus 😂

  • David D
    David D

    No people dislike her cause she got famous disrespecting her mom lmao

    • Nate Gucci
      Nate Gucci

      david dimas why you worry about disrespecting her .what does her mom have to do with her and her music

  • oozyVsak47 ll
    oozyVsak47 ll

    She would have definitely been crucified if she were black

  • Osiris 888
    Osiris 888

    Its not because shes WHITE. Its because she is WAACCKKK.

    • Nate Gucci
      Nate Gucci

      Slay You you wack you hating ass bitch and what about Eminem ?

  • Mute

    Its been a few months, but what happened to the edited videos of these was it hard to keep up with daily uploads or the editor got tired?

  • Nate Prado
    Nate Prado

    No one likes her cause she is fucking trash lol

  • Lo-Fi

    I can't handle her fake black accent. It's insulting.

    • Nate Gucci
      Nate Gucci

      Lo-Fi stfu hater

  • weston t
    weston t

    bhad bhabie is pure shit

    • weston t
      weston t

      @Nate Gucci yea lol

    • Nate Gucci
      Nate Gucci

      weston t what about Eminem he’s white too?

  • The Vegas Native
    The Vegas Native

    Did this nigga say traditionally pretty? 😂

  • Sean Wittwer
    Sean Wittwer

    Christ no bhabie people dislike you because you're an entitled brat and blew up over the fact that youre an entitled brat

  • blackhammer16th newofficial
    blackhammer16th newofficial

    Where's boonk make a vid

  • blackhammer16th newofficial
    blackhammer16th newofficial

    Do a video on boonk

  • Sharma Mastani
    Sharma Mastani

    I'm MASTANI on souncloud, Hit me up!!!!!!

  • Tony Zamboni
    Tony Zamboni

    I always thought her name was pronounced Bod Bobby

  • José José
    José José

    What would people on here know they white

  • Jace Stagg
    Jace Stagg

    Tbh it’s cause she ain’t 18 yet. No one tryna go to jail for this bitch.

  • Caleb Crowson
    Caleb Crowson

    Longtime sub Adam but theirs a reason these “race” videos of yours barely get any view residue lmfao

  • No Name
    No Name

    She just gotta understand she's has talent no doubt about it but its always gonna be somebody better you can be the best rapper ever but if the people aint fucking with it then its nohting you can really do

  • justin rafail
    justin rafail

    Yo adam check out my people from ohio i just wanted u to see them i know u will like them💯

  • R J
    R J

    Uhhhh you missed, the dolls, saweetie, city girls,


    it's not rocket science. Nobody wants to listen to a brat rap. People simply will not give her a chance because of her come up. Her 15 minutes is up.

  • Blu Pocahontas
    Blu Pocahontas

    🤦🏾‍♀️The title 🤔🙄

  • David Soria
    David Soria

    Not because she’s white because she’s herself

  • Doctor Rios
    Doctor Rios

    Are you really diva'ing out on a child?Fucken chapete

  • Hurricane Big Wil
    Hurricane Big Wil

    People don’t dislike her because she’s white look at you Adam your the chillest white guy in the rap world

  • Conley Bunch
    Conley Bunch

    Adam why the mgk hate brooo

  • liv4n

    been slept on this channel for a while now .. come back to it .... what happened

74 ming