Did Tory Lanez stage a Racist Incident?
new details emerge about an incident caught on tape in which Tory Lanez directed a video director not to change the girl dancing next to him in a new music video. let's discuss

  • Anthony Colenbrander
    Anthony Colenbrander

    Shut up adam damn

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • Vandal X
    Vandal X

    Hugs not drugs

  • ipkiss

    Light skin woman just more attractive to the majority of the world. This is facts. Anybody saying this is racist is a dumb fucking over sensitive bitch. Y'all have no reason to bitch STFU

  • Mike Haaancho7
    Mike Haaancho7

    Tory lames

  • missy loves emeka
    missy loves emeka

    Dnt like tori lanez music. I love dark skin ppl. My hubby is igbo❤

  • King Kozmik
    King Kozmik

    Lol, how about having women dressed as doctor's and lawyers instead of club hoes in your videos?

  • Jay Gordon
    Jay Gordon

    Adam, kindly stay out of Black folks’ business. Thanks.

    • Jay Gordon
      Jay Gordon

      White Stunna damn I just got roasted by Adam22’s burna account😐

    • White Stunna
      White Stunna

      Bro your mixtape is fye💥did it hit 10 views yet? When are you droppin sum more heat on the music world? I subed today

  • Jonathan Franck
    Jonathan Franck

    im sick of this bald bitch forming opinions no one asked for like bow wow bro just stfu

  • Irish Kid19xx
    Irish Kid19xx

    Uh that other bitch was way better looking. That bitch was ugly You cant use race for everything stop bitching Tory its 2019.

  • Borderjumpmusic

    Did Tory Lanez stage his whole career?

  • Sweatshirty

    I love u adam

  • Michael Surrett
    Michael Surrett

    Torrey Smallet

  • Forbidden

    This video didn’t do well because of the audio wack af

  • Melomaneization

    Tory lies A LOT.

  • Cali_boy

    Terry lamez smokin to much crack

  • Cali_boy

    Is it just me or do blacks not wanna get rid of racism they all argue their still in chains were and how tho I dont get it go to school get an education and u can do whatever n if you rap about drug use sellin and killin your gonna bring an image to your OWN people

  • KyleWhoEatsKustard

    fucking embarrasing adam called bashment world music

  • Bang Bang Bang
    Bang Bang Bang

    Tory Lanez looking for some free attention. Adam22 gonna give it to him for clicks.

  • DNicole

    Do you know what racist means?

  • Nacho Man
    Nacho Man

    Black people being mad people aren't black enough...

  • Carlos Zeigle
    Carlos Zeigle

    You called this video out on the XXL video an idk why this does not have more views man cause you really put more effort in this one

  • Aj Chairez
    Aj Chairez

    This is why Drake didn’t include him in the celebration

  • WockAdimi

    light skin girls hotter than white and black girls fax

    • Bonita tv
      Bonita tv


  • Yo Oy
    Yo Oy

    Do more videos like the way u used to talk on multiple topics in one video.

  • zane love
    zane love

    “Akademics is out here fighting a Big Mac”

  • rg 88
    rg 88

    It's bs someone would stage a racist issue, bc it does happen to some deep down south but for the most part these things don't happen in most of America, ppl need to learn to live together and stop tryong to push their secret agenda bs

  • Aiden Madsen
    Aiden Madsen

    This is wired

  • TheSnoozeFox

    You used to see dark skinned women all the time, it wasn't even a problem in the 90s I keep telling people racism has gotten worse but most millenials and zoomers seem to think the 90s was like Jim Crow when in fact it was probably the most racially tolerent decade in centuries

    • Micah Johnson Boxing
      Micah Johnson Boxing

      @Wale Akinsefunmi it feels worse now but that's hard to quantify. Everyone my age loved Kim and Pam from Martin and they weren't light.

  • Flipp Cassidy
    Flipp Cassidy

    It is fucked up but the only time i hear people talk about dark skinned vs light skin black people is from other black people...watch charlamagne the god hes always dissing on the other guy for being light skinned and saying light skinned guys are emotinal and all this shit....ive even seen black guys say they wont date or fuck a dark skinned chick like its fucked up...honestly think black people bring up race way more than anyone else and always make things about race

  • rain Davey
    rain Davey

    duval in this bitchhh

  • John Trollinski
    John Trollinski

    The ig comments got me laughing tho

  • Two Silk
    Two Silk

    UZload doesn't want you to show this.

  • Dubelectroify

    Just turn your stream on and play a song dude you're not a news reporter lol

  • kourtney Lake
    kourtney Lake

    Being sultry Chen to no jumper than you and Lena should film with her 😂

  • Dangerous Game
    Dangerous Game

    i personally didnt even noticed this issue. whenever me and the homies are watching videos, black, white or brown we still think theyre bad lol i cant imagine anyone looking at a hottie on screen and say "wait is she dark skin? hell no turn it off!" lol

  • Clout Journalist
    Clout Journalist

    Why objectify women in the video anyway?

  • LowKey808

    your videos are ass now bro you turned into the feds

  • Richard Austin
    Richard Austin

    tory smollett

  • Sad Boy
    Sad Boy

    @adam22 I know you had questions regarding this vid not showing up due to the sites algorithm, this vid showed up in suggestions on my home screen so I don’t think it’s hidden.

  • Ian Westart on IG
    Ian Westart on IG

    Why should everyone get the same opportunity

    • Ian Westart on IG
      Ian Westart on IG

      I bet short girls don’t get as many fair shakes as tall girls....idk, I’m just saying I need someone to quantify the skin biased people have. I don’t think we got all the factzzzzzz

  • Endyz


  • Draganescu Constantin
    Draganescu Constantin

    no director would do that shit on set, dont you think everybody would get mad at him if he replaced an actress that HE casted with another actress WHILE SHOOTING NONETHELESS? like he either wouldnt have casted her in the first place or he would have used her as a person in the background

  • Nick Myers
    Nick Myers

    Smh clout chasing

  • Bhokolate Bhip Bookies
    Bhokolate Bhip Bookies

    Adam talking to the voices in his head 3:58

  • Womens Whork
    Womens Whork

    look at gucci and meek latest video there are rappers who respect and pay dark skin girls some of these mf so lame

  • Womens Whork
    Womens Whork

    this was definitely staged... he could of easily put both girls in the video. he should release the texts he gets from club promotors saying no black girls in the sections and all the other times black girls are shitted on that he sees. Not to mention he should post how much he pays those models for the shoots LOL probably dismal.

  • NilezStylez

    Jussie junior

  • Chromaticism

    This different girl thing is not a problem in the slightest. These rappers gotta stop acting like they're solving problems when it's about girls shaking their body for money in a video.

  • Chromaticism

    Tory Lanez calls every girl a hoe he has no room to talk. If you treat women like hoes then you can't complain about this type of stuff.

  • Stockholm, Sweden
    Stockholm, Sweden

    Because REALLY REALLY dark-skin women are not attractive.

    • RYN Sak
      RYN Sak

      You missing out 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • emma the dj
      emma the dj

      @Stockholm, Sweden Im just gonna pretend to agree with you cos I don't want to carry on this convo 😂👋

    • Stockholm, Sweden
      Stockholm, Sweden

      @emma the dj That's just objective truth. Black women tend to have more testosterone, this leads to more male like features.

    • emma the dj
      emma the dj

      speak for yourself 😒

  • FX Beats
    FX Beats

    This vid getting slept on

  • Anthony Skrede
    Anthony Skrede


  • Josh Rodriguez
    Josh Rodriguez

    This is how it’s going nowadays! It pays to try to be oppressed lmao dude is just like Jessie smulate!

  • Gage Olsen
    Gage Olsen

    It’s not a big deal

  • Juan Carlos Perez
    Juan Carlos Perez

    We got u Adam

  • NotDotzDoh

    Torey Lames

  • Skeptical Soul
    Skeptical Soul

    wow look at adam with the buzz words!!

  • Conscious X
    Conscious X

    The youtube algorithm fucked adam on this video lol

  • BGaff

    If someone is paying 100k for a music video they can have who ever the fk they want in it lol..stop this nonsense

  • majikjuggalo

    Theres real racist/colorist shit goin on that entertainers can expose. Why tf make a fake video?

  • Sam Rooke
    Sam Rooke

    Who else didn’t see this on their feed at all?

  • Bubski

    if you put the word racist in any part of your video including the title it will not be shown by youtube

  • Nicki Denise
    Nicki Denise

    You should have left this one alone. You don’t even know the difference between racism and colorism 🙄

  • Starry Nite
    Starry Nite

    It's called colorism actually, rather than racism. It's a pretty reoccurring issue within the black community

    • The Flagged YouTuber II
      The Flagged YouTuber II

      Really? Do Tell!

  • asscream jr
    asscream jr

    @asscream jr THE LIFE OF A YOUNG CEO 9096958182

  • DM94JAK

    Y would he think their changing the girl cause of color couldnt it jst as easily have been that they were shooting with both girls intending on using them both in the end product?

  • Scott Moore
    Scott Moore

    It’s camera lighting

  • P H
    P H


  • Pastademiks

    tory lanez a BITCH his music is marginal and he cant fight

  • miles davis
    miles davis

    UZload algorithm fucked you up this time💀

  • glypse

    I’m white and believe me I enjoy a dark skinned women, 💯 all the way. But in this situation the light skinned was better looking not saying the dark skinned was bad looking at all tho

    • Bonita tv
      Bonita tv

      @glypse see look at you being racist

    • glypse

      Whatever u say nigga

    • The Flagged YouTuber II
      The Flagged YouTuber II

      @glypse You can't spell anger without *an....*

    • glypse

      The Flagged UZloadr II angry little man ain’t ya

    • The Flagged YouTuber II
      The Flagged YouTuber II

      You shouldn't have opinion fucknigga

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    clicked on the vid to show love to adam

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  • im a god
    im a god

    I had to click on the vid🤣😂💯

  • Venice beach vlogger
    Venice beach vlogger

    Damn you ain’t black enough to b in my video I feel bad for black girls y’all get hate from every direction, I fuckin love you 😘

  • i lost the game
    i lost the game

    wow youtube really lacking, 6k?

  • Slowj561 BigBrasil
    Slowj561 BigBrasil


    • LPLT


  • TrapLord

    Jesse Lanez

  • YT_Anarchy

    Lmao this is great

  • big boom
    big boom

    Both beautiful black women what's the problem?

  • ewok cardewas
    ewok cardewas

    Clout is a hell of a drug (Rick James)

  • retro frank
    retro frank

    Adam "maybe an attorney" 22

  • Yung Prodigy
    Yung Prodigy

    Not even going to watch the video, but Ima say. Probably 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • InvertIdols

    Both of the bitches were black wtf there is a self hatred in the black community its as if they reject anything lighter skin tone wise than what they prefer or consider to be "real" african if you ask anyone else they'll agree that they're both black and just to be clear some of the black people out here pushing this ideology themselves don't have standard african features that are prominent in people that are actually born in african other than skin tone I am 100% sure if they were to take a DNA test to confirm their ethnicity they would be surprised to find out they are not 100% of african decent

  • T Kell
    T Kell

    I got you Adam giving your video love fuck the UZload algorithm

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    Lee Coffey

    420th like 🤘🤘


    Adam doesn’t entertain me anymore I still fw him tho

  • Vera Heldebrant
    Vera Heldebrant

    Boring story

  • iah_Ain't nofruityfkr
    iah_Ain't nofruityfkr

    Honestly If its staged or not it does show the truth in the music video business but I dont think it was on purpose I think they just wanted to switch out the girls tbh

  • Spiniest Gore
    Spiniest Gore

    Adam i can tell you almost fell for the thirst trap.


    Probably not doing views cus of the title

  • Diamxnd Rex
    Diamxnd Rex

    rip adams beard

  • Joshua Wilcox
    Joshua Wilcox

    tory has always been a lame ass neega

  • tyrogue

    Just a comment to help the man Adam

  • $$$

    Im here for you adam

  • L O L
    L O L

    So much news is fake I can’t keep up

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    Dan Harrington

    this was in my sub box boio

  • Jay Price
    Jay Price

    Saw the xxl freshman video and I had to support my mans adam on this one 💪🙏

    • James Davy
      James Davy


    • nathan2smart



      Shoulda titled it “TORY LANEZ DID WHAT???” Instead of capital R Racist

    • Navy Thunder Ranger
      Navy Thunder Ranger

      On god 😂

    • Ezra Przytyk
      Ezra Przytyk