SCAM ALERT: Indian Rapper gets 75 Million views in a day
Indian rapper Badshah put out a song that has gotten over 115 million views in just a few days. People are saying it’s a scam. Let’s talk about it

  • banana Bangbang
    banana Bangbang

    Lol jealous youtubers

  • NAIR

    being a brown boy i'll tell you one thing! our people would praise any random shit that's foreign but will hate and be jealous of someone of our own race , it's some sad shit! now talking bout the topic, he actually said his label had bought google adwords worldwide and the label spent all their marketing budget on the first day itself, hence why they reached that amount.


    Man it sucks to see these commercial rapper of my country getting highlighted and the real hiphop never gets the recognition well now things are changing but still

  • Jagwaseni Banerjee
    Jagwaseni Banerjee

    I won't say Badshah has other good songs but his other songs are better than "pagal".

  • Edvard Munch
    Edvard Munch

    kill all street shitters

  • Jonathan Lemon
    Jonathan Lemon

    Idk man indians be putting in work on youtube lmfao whole country in on the bag

  • Edvard Munch
    Edvard Munch

    An Indian scamming someone, wow I'm surprised

  • Ricky BankS
    Ricky BankS

    Indian Rapper are so wack don't even bother talking about it. Of course he'll get lot of views coz lot at India's population man it's not fake but it's just like T series 💯

    • nexxt up
      nexxt up

      Bruvv I’m Indian but I feel like Indian rap is really trash I mess with American rappers like skies iann purpp etc their shit gooooo harddddd

  • 888Saketh

    Don’t stereotype a country because of a certain group of people.

  • BryanTateTV

    This strategy isn’t new. It’s new to people in your space. The cost of international traffic is always like a tenth of US costs because of the lack of advertising. I was getting .02 cents on UZload for US artist in 2018 so I can only imagine how “cheap” this was to deploy.

  • Compact47

    Guy probably spent a million dollars on UZload advertising 👀

  • ThePureArrogance

    i Dont get why people like this always need more and more and more money

  • xjun

    This is why we have trouble now in streaming Korean mv's

  • DaSilva Morata
    DaSilva Morata



    I'm also Indian but I don't listen to those dumbass rappers...........that Badshah is a shitty rapper ....

  • Yatin Srivastava
    Yatin Srivastava

    A big thing to consider is that Badshah has for at least the last 5 years been THE ONLY GUY when it comes to mainstream Rap in India. He's on every other Bollywood movie soundtrack. Most of his releases keep growing in number mainly because of that. Further, he's not just a Rap artist, but a Regional music artist as well. Regional Music in India (with a 1.8 billion plus population) makes up about 60% of the entire Music market in India. And the advertisement is not just on UZload - its on all social media platforms. India has various streaming services that are for the most part, India-Only streaming services. Sony Music India is a big enterprise that has its marketing game at the top level. They've essentially got to compete with T-Series, the big juggernaut of the Music industry in India. So is this commercial? 100%. This song will continue to play on the radio on a serious reputation for at least 5-6 months if not a year. But that's the point itself. Bollywood and the mainstream music culture in India has been solely for commercial purposes over the last 10 years or so. All ideas behind artistic choice have vanished completely. They're not creating albums or singular songs, they're creating anthems. Every. Single. Time. I really appreciate Adam firstly looking into the Music Industry in India, which is certainly one of the biggest growing music markets in the world and, insight into it probably being the future of the music industry worldwide and whether its a scam or more of a calculated business strategy. It is definitely interesting.

  • Speeder 213
    Speeder 213

    533,193,750.00 rupees is how much they wasted

  • Anuron Guha 089
    Anuron Guha 089

    This is not a SCAM. Sony Music Co. bought those ads.


    Keep this funny ass vids going Adam

  • Rob Ode
    Rob Ode

    I made a home video at that bridge the first time I ever went to la when I was 15 lol

  • Selfinflicted G
    Selfinflicted G

    It's not a scam! Do you know how many people live in India and how many movies come out of Bollywood!?? More than *ANYONE* else in the world!

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson

  • Trevor Nelson
    Trevor Nelson

    ay fuck bts

  • Sucker Punch
    Sucker Punch

    Pagal was the worst track ever by Badshah.. They literally deleted my comment and other comments which said it was the worst track ever...

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    Baby Roo and Josie Rose Gaming

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    • Baby Roo and Josie Rose Gaming
      Baby Roo and Josie Rose Gaming


  • skyy F T P
    skyy F T P

    Scamming runs in the Indians blood

  • Chowxm _
    Chowxm _

    the best podcast around the world! Stay up adam! Your badazzz

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    always subbed adam

  • doNUTELLA paran
    doNUTELLA paran

    Indian scamming us since the Age of the Dinosaurs!

  • Vivek

    Even Ariana grande and Taylor Swift has done this to boost their views. Stop demonizing India on UZload for getting a quick buck.

  • Dylan Parada
    Dylan Parada

    no jumper

  • kolade Durojaye
    kolade Durojaye

    i knew this hack since 2016

  • Jayden n
    Jayden n

    Don’t give Teejayx6 any ideas Adam..

  • gamerrod

    I'm from India. I like you n lena. I don't know who badshah is ! Thanks


    Yeah girl Do that gully dance girl

  • Sam A
    Sam A


  • rman719

    Yo i was wondering that not that long ago every once in awhile a video of some garbage song that is nothing like the playlist im listening too will just play i look and its a ad.

  • Marouan Dridi
    Marouan Dridi

    India is the second most populated country in the world with 1.2 billion

  • Manhattan Raised
    Manhattan Raised

    This comment section 😭😭😭

  • H Duty
    H Duty

    Population wise its believable like

  • Televised Records
    Televised Records

    Lol I only get 10-30 plays on the first day 😭

  • Luca

    The whole country seems like its just forcing the music on it's people.

  • haveronyank

    No jumper👍🏻

  • xony

    Its over a month since its release, it only has 135 mil views, but it started off with 75 mil views in 1 day? I smell sum fishy goin on here.

  • Lil Glo
    Lil Glo

    Indian people stay scammin, its all those little fuckers know

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name

    Is this the guy who keeps calling me asking me to send money or irs gunna kick my door down but it has to be cash

  • Prashant

    Whenever india achieve something it's scam according to you Western shits......

  • Shawn Wonderlie
    Shawn Wonderlie

    Your the shit Adam!

  • pinesdoyslover 100
    pinesdoyslover 100

    Theres tow same videos


    Adblock so underrated.

  • JayVL

    *Y'all haven't heard about Teejayx6*

    • TG

      He blatt

  • abcde asdas
    abcde asdas

    dude and t-series are related.

  • yaya 2019
    yaya 2019

    Tyga does that on his videos, I saw one of his songs advertised over a hundred times on this other website I used

  • Kris Cole Aka LilRedBeats
    Kris Cole Aka LilRedBeats

    Adam Get On Yo 1’s and 2’s An Keep These Videos Going 🤟🏾🔥

  • Giuseppe Burgio
    Giuseppe Burgio

    Keep em coming bro

  • smiles b.
    smiles b.

    dam well come check out my music #partyhustle

  • Nightmare Court Pictures
    Nightmare Court Pictures

    Why is it so surprising when a non-white artists hits the charts? The same drama happened when Kris Wu went to the top of Itunes chart ahead of Ariana Grande...They Black Balled him because he was chinese and thought he was running server mods or whatever computerized lingo excuse cause he's asian. But Kris Wu is a superstar in china, and only cause he released the song on an american platform people (Brought his fans over to american itunes) they thought he was botting plays.

  • longjohns

    I thought it was funny that the LA river was in it too. People from other countries wish they lived here.

  • Crazy Canadian
    Crazy Canadian

    1.5 billion in India it's market is so big even a fail there will destroy anything from the west

  • Sajeev Swarupan
    Sajeev Swarupan

    This guys super popular in India and India has about 1.3 billion people so it is possible he coulda got those views from his popularity.

  • Brian Monyoncho
    Brian Monyoncho

    Adam22 interviews Adam22

  • Kathy Campbell
    Kathy Campbell

    Straight scam ain't they the ones who have millions of phones on a wall just for views, lmfao. Thank you come again.

  • Vit. G
    Vit. G

    I think the real scammer is joe rogan, king of ads.

  • Catch you @ the chicken spot
    Catch you @ the chicken spot

    Lol, how can it be a scam, when there are almost 2 billion of them in the World. 75 mil is easy.

  • yeqqo

    thank you come again!

  • Sam M
    Sam M

    Damn why y'all hating on a Indian rapper getting to 75 mill in a day. Y'all never questioned BTS or Taylor swift.

    • nexxt up
      nexxt up

      Factssss man

    • Kevin knox
      Kevin knox

      facts cap

  • Kevin knox
    Kevin knox

    why y'all hating tho?

    • Sam M
      Sam M

      Kevin knox badshah the goat


    $750k promo? Yikes.

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk

    Everybody in India must've watched this video...

  • D Bonez
    D Bonez

    Gucci gang is at 953 million views now

  • GlitchRealm

    i would think adam would do his homework and not his clout check ... badshah was big without this song ... you should make a video about how good sony's marketing is .. he didnt just sit at home and by a half a million to make the video big ... even if he did he paid less then what artist paid for videos in 90's and early 2000/s .. im not understanding what he did wrong .. a boogie had a number album with 90k units moved and only 800 copies sold ... j coles wasnt talking about badshah

  • GlitchRealm

    buying adds doesnt mean your scamming

  • GlitchRealm

    all the rappers and their labels are doing this under

  • brown

    being an indian i'll say that e is a big thing here i fucking hate him but ehhhhhhhhhhh

  • Shelby Nicholas
    Shelby Nicholas


  • Star Angel Goddess
    Star Angel Goddess

    Watzzz up... 🙌😉

  • So Marina
    So Marina

    Why does Adam sound like a valley girl

  • Rico


  • Flame on Deck
    Flame on Deck

    Y'all act like the industry has a Halo around its head. All labels, artists use advertising and marketing in different ways. I've seen random small rappers buy ads on UZload all the time. Taylor Swift did the same shit and they promoted her smh

  • Dan Luis
    Dan Luis

    Thank you for not taking the “everything from the east is trash” western view I’ve seen alot around this story. Its obvious that something fishy is up, and you had a mature and insightful take which I appreciate alot. Everyones music and culture deserves respect, even if i can’t stand listening to it.

  • Naquan Lockwood
    Naquan Lockwood my new music video check me out !!

  • El guapo del feugo
    El guapo del feugo

    How many views did eminem's killshot get in the first day?

  • Akku8581

    Pagaal means mad/crazy I just watched the mucis video all it has was reference to other Bollywood and repeate of the phrase "yeh ladki pagaal hai" which means this girl is crazy.

  • malcolm t
    malcolm t

    Rapper from the view bot capital of the world hits record for most views seems like a parody article lmfao

  • The prophet Moses
    The prophet Moses

    U a real one. 🤘🏼

  • Jacob Clement
    Jacob Clement

    I can see the unfulfillment in adam's eyes. Go do some soul searching home boy

  • Me Mum
    Me Mum

    Damn everyone is being sooo racist in the comments and noone says shit but if it was an african american guy the would be an uproar

  • J W
    J W

    What's kodak locked up for right now? Did he violate probation? And ive been on felony paper and they won't violate you for failing one drug screen, it takes a few to get violated so he could of still been on lean

  • Antwan

    750k for 75mil views

  • Viktor Hansen
    Viktor Hansen

    Adam: definitive proof is that many of the comments are exactly the same butfeom different users and/or almost the same.

  • Simon


  • Charmcity77

    Hes winning cause the more people talking about the more they gonna go watch.

  • XO

    Always a fuggin indian

  • Unrelenting Discharge
    Unrelenting Discharge

    Is it a scam or just cheating the system? Is there a difference? I don't fucking know why am I even on an adam22 video smh

  • That’s Me!!! No
    That’s Me!!! No

    Your video is blery I can’t read what your looking up please fix love your videos

  • That’s Me!!! No
    That’s Me!!! No

    Your video is blery I can’t read what your looking up please fix love your videos

  • Greg Hays
    Greg Hays

    Gang gang

  • Nonportrit

    hi commenting

  • Kooliboi

    There are 1.3 b people in India so it could just be hella popular

  • Official Augszillary
    Official Augszillary


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