Adam22 Dominates The Final Table with $8300 for First
Fun tournament I played the other day. Use my code nojumper on America’s Cardroom!

  • Kapono Banuelos
    Kapono Banuelos

    Jackie chan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 who the fook is that guy

  • OG Kenny P
    OG Kenny P

    Lol that AQ was a fold there.. but hey u won

  • 8 ball
    8 ball


  • Lil Scars
    Lil Scars

    Juice wants you to help me.. he told me in my sleep

  • Lil Scars
    Lil Scars

    I have talent and legend potential

  • PatrickWhatUp

    3:21 misclick saved you lol

  • George Finch
    George Finch

    Is this real money???

  • Zach Garcia
    Zach Garcia

    Can someone who plays poker explain how he won the hand at 10:25 I still don’t get it

  • Slaymour Monsters, Inc
    Slaymour Monsters, Inc

    And i respect the fact u took that call on camera. I hate when ppl cant show they real life on camera. If u cant ur most likely involved in illegalities lol JS and i have a record too so just my opinion. Commentors dont ream me. Lol

  • Slaymour Monsters, Inc
    Slaymour Monsters, Inc

    You did get some crazy luck though. Lotsa suited pairs.

  • Slaymour Monsters, Inc
    Slaymour Monsters, Inc

    I was bout to unsubscribe about the nail thing but fuck it i do like me some texas holdem. Just dont be like MGK and paint em pink with lil skulls like that dude. 😂😂😂 @adam22

  • Liam D
    Liam D

    This was great congrats dude its such a great game. That full house from the suited J6 was nuts and trip 6's on the flop for another full house & a 808.20 pot very nice. Abd when that guy calls and connects with a 9 on the river, not bad. That flush of clubs when he was holding the Ace. Ouch. Great ending, rounders represent! This son of bitch, Allnight he Check, check, check

  • Corey Cates
    Corey Cates

    Keep playing them suited rags you will get popped

  • Travis Nault
    Travis Nault

    id be in for a no jumper poker tournament

    • Travis Nault
      Travis Nault

      online ofc

  • Jesse Cash
    Jesse Cash

    Whats with all the pairs? 🤔

  • Tia Tong
    Tia Tong

    so this shit isn't a scam?

  • Brian

    how much was buy in?

  • D A
    D A

    Best feel player around - no thought process .. zero optimal reasoning - just doing it because opponent doesn’t have it - leeggggo

  • Luhveless

    Yes sir more of these

  • Marco Perri
    Marco Perri

    Mayor Dhingra is a massive shark btw. Nice play, few mistakes with AQ but not bad overall.

  • Fishcakes

    I would love to play this dude for a living...would crush him.

  • space addict
    space addict

    Hey Adam, no hate, but Im asking a question to psychedelic Adam.. Are you ok with promoting gambling for 33 thousand views? 🤷

  • Matt Zanoni
    Matt Zanoni

    idk why i watched this whole thing but it was mad fun lmao u killed it

  • theblackknightism

    $75 to play a song????? the fuck?

  • Oppressed Panda
    Oppressed Panda

    I didnt know Jackie Chan was in rounders

  • Govereated

    you should post more tournis watched you since bmx vlogs never new you played

  • Thai Ly
    Thai Ly

    Lmao Adam. you’re not good...

  • Persnx

    how much was the buy in?

  • space monkey returns
    space monkey returns

    Didn't know you played on ACR 😎 will look out for you at the tables. I just finished 46th in a tournament out of 2225. Did nothing wrong just got unlucky, shoved 17bbs with JJ and ran into QQ, sucks to get so close. Maybe next time

  • Tony Fisher
    Tony Fisher

    lol 😆

  • Steven Kite
    Steven Kite

    ACR are full of bots and pretty much a massive scam. If you want your bankroll taken from you then defo play here.

    • space monkey returns
      space monkey returns

      Whatever dude, every site has problems with botts, at least ACR are pro active in booting accounts. Partypoker recently booted hundreds too, not sure what pokerstars is doing about it. Also botts only play slightly better than the average player which is enough to turn a profit but they're not that great so can bed beaten unless you suck and have a shitty win rate.

  • dSzegZ

    More whackness - Dominate the final table? You rivered a 2 and turned a flush against aces. That’s luck my man. Not everyone’s meant to be a streamer Mr 1000

  • dSzegZ

    Wtf you playing as Kim Jong Un? Shit is weak my mans, you lost me

  • Ryan Fish
    Ryan Fish

    Review kid boo’s only fans

  • aleiterful


  • Cameron Zuniga
    Cameron Zuniga

    Imagine just watching his stream while playing on the tournament lol

    • Cameron Zuniga
      Cameron Zuniga

      @adam22 you also definitely have not had a hair transplant and clearly haven't taken any steps to stop hairloss from happenning.😉🙃

    • adam22

      you're definitely the first person to think of this and i clearly haven't taken any steps to stop that from happening

  • Scott Buster
    Scott Buster

    Why'd he get so skinny?

  • Alec Johnson
    Alec Johnson

    7:10 you could have jigged him for another 50-100k but it was a solid play.

    • young sharmuta
      young sharmuta

      @Alec Johnson bruh im not 16. definitly not ugly(i look better then u). this my only account. very educated, a lil bit ignorant, not a incel. so u got only 1 thing right. u dumb asf

    • young sharmuta
      young sharmuta

      shut up

  • Alec Johnson
    Alec Johnson


  • Jay Ro
    Jay Ro

    Bro you decent player, keep playing you’ll get even better

  • Kevin Beri
    Kevin Beri

    Holy shit run good

  • Stretchy Foreskin
    Stretchy Foreskin

    I’m starting to learn poker by watching ur vids keep it up stay grindin

  • skrufy11

    If u know anything about poker, u would kno that adam could handle himself. Respect. U can tell how smart someone is by the way they play poker.

  • Nathan Lamb
    Nathan Lamb

    19:42 let's hope he's got 89? Uhhhh *slams head on desk*

    • -

      Yeah what sorta read is that hahaha

  • Trade2Raid

    Helll ya

  • A fishing hobby
    A fishing hobby

    Well played

  • Liam B.
    Liam B.

    7:01 not getting much more prob

  • Liam B.
    Liam B.

    6:39 felt that so hard

  • nag king
    nag king

    You should donate this money to charity bro , people going through alot right now ...

    • Eric Carrillo
      Eric Carrillo

      He does. Or he did back on ft and ps. Adam is great in the poker community.

  • Acidic 88
    Acidic 88

    What website is this? I'm trying to get in some tournaments?

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson

    Actually played pretty good, compared to when I watched you on LATB! Nice win, Keep grinding!

  • SuperDuperDanks710

    i love how you keep calling jonny chan "jackie chan" haha. like, they dont all actually look the same. you can tell the difference. good run my dude.

  • Brian Tedder
    Brian Tedder

    This is why your channel is dying.

  • king6eor6e

    U try so hard to be relevant lol. Anything u can grasp onto smh

    • king6eor6e

      YoooItsRick nah comments upset em as much as he tries to act like it doesn’t. So I give em shit. Fuk it. Entertainment to me my dude

    • YoooItsRick

      king6eor6e and who are you and what are you doing besides worrying about what another grown man is up to? Sad haha

  • Vincent

    Shit if u gonna post poker than I’ll come to watch

  • Rusty Jookz
    Rusty Jookz

    Calls with QQ on a re raise with a flop like that...fucking donkey

  • VØID

    Wait , is this for real money?

  • The Furniture King
    The Furniture King

    420th like....puff puff

  • Equis

    Can someone explain to me how he won this hand? 10:25

    • skedeman100

      Equis adam had a full house ”queens full of sixes” and other guy only a set ”three queens”

  • bubblebryan

    adam22 the goat

  • Shawn Gallagher
    Shawn Gallagher

    U need to start bluffing some of these hands it’s hard to watch u check turn and river with nothing

    • LEDJ


    • Conner Kenway
      Conner Kenway

      huge facts

    • Louis Walsh
      Louis Walsh

      Just leave me alone

  • NOTdamian Lillard
    NOTdamian Lillard

    When are you gonna donate some money ? At least buy house phone a treadmill

  • Chris Olson
    Chris Olson

    What’s the code get you ?

  • Lucid Cloaks
    Lucid Cloaks

    Poorstacy wants his INTERVIEW

  • Lucid Cloaks
    Lucid Cloaks


  • Lucid Cloaks
    Lucid Cloaks


  • Lucid Cloaks
    Lucid Cloaks


  • Valentina

    Adam, I have a question. Has nothing to do with this video. Answer this question for me and all the ladies wondering, how would i introduce a threessum to my husband? What should I do? What should i keep in mind. Tell us from a males perspective bc you’re honest and I need the hard on truth. Lol

    • Dbol McTrenna
      Dbol McTrenna

      Valentina just tell him. He'll feel like the luckiest man in the world lol

  • Jaesonetype

    Adam stay on you tube I love seeing u play and smoke bud. 🙌🙌✊👍

  • Francisco Mejia
    Francisco Mejia

    Keep doing more of these

  • MAG09

    Bro can you fix you lay out whenever you play poker? Half the table is cut

  • LAZ E
    LAZ E

    Sick win bro! Great run! 📈📈

  • amr hesham
    amr hesham

    cant other players watch your stream and cheat????

    • Tre Way
      Tre Way

      He has a few mins of delay

  • MiggyMigz17

    What's the entrance fee for a tourney like this?

  • Thomas Parker
    Thomas Parker

    The run good is realy holy fuck lmao, good plays tho

  • Thomas Parker
    Thomas Parker

    5:20 thats nasty for that dude....

  • Did you breathe today?
    Did you breathe today?

    not bad adam, looks like you've been watching some poker content

    • Lil Zooter
      Lil Zooter

      He’s been playing it for at least 15 years

  • VSvss

    We have so much I’m common Adam lol poker, credit cards, what else does a man need lol

  • Austin Glazener
    Austin Glazener

    I need a Kadama Adam !!!

  • Will Luttrell
    Will Luttrell

    Yo, I'll keep watching the fuck out of these vids, Adam. I know, they may not get tons of views, but even if you decide to stop doing this shit here, definitely stream it elsewhere, if it's profitable enough.

  • kenny Terry
    kenny Terry

    Legalize this in Maryland wtf

    • kenny Terry
      kenny Terry

      andrew cucina when signing up I pick Maryland it said unavailable in this state

    • kenny Terry
      kenny Terry

      andrew cucina not for real money

  • lil skelly
    lil skelly


  • Zac Ebejer
    Zac Ebejer

    Daniel negreanu who ?

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • Brandon Hedges
    Brandon Hedges

    I dig these poker vids bro you're a good player!

  • Perma


  • Charlie Petrozielo
    Charlie Petrozielo

    Bro! Easter was weeks ago

  • Issac Brackett
    Issac Brackett

    @9:57 he says what a suit and just talking about Easter and not celebrating “devil laughter” lol 666

  • Richard C
    Richard C

    Good shit bro! go adam!!

  • 400block Burna
    400block Burna

    My no jumper hoodie got here today and my brother passed me down his kendama since he got his new one 🔥

  • Cash Meeout
    Cash Meeout

    I don’t really watch your podcasts but these poker videos are choice.

  • bentley230

    6:11 this hand was thriling


    thanks for restarting my gambling addiction. honestly your poker play-by-play is the most natural delivery you have about any topic. you're a strange man.

  • xxplosive

    Good stuff bro, watching this while playing on ACR

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    You should do a solitaire video next lol

  • angus etkind
    angus etkind

    Hows he so casual about winning 3 grand 🤣

    • 925 LOL
      925 LOL


  • Jordan Ross
    Jordan Ross

    19:47 what a joke lol

    • Thomas Parker
      Thomas Parker

      he shoulda bet, gave him a free card...

  • MrUnqualified_

    Oh hell yeah

  • WherE-mE-weeD

    Why bother clicking if you didn't win

  • The Legend Of Jballa
    The Legend Of Jballa

    More poker dawg!