BMX Vlog & Running Deep in a Poker Tournament!!!
Today I went and rode my BMX bike with my friends and then went deep in a Poker tournament and had a blast. Enjoy!

  • Andres El Brujito Luna
    Andres El Brujito Luna

    on a sicc one perro!

  • R.I. Boxing & 1stSteaminBeeman Beeman
    R.I. Boxing & 1stSteaminBeeman Beeman

    Luck - ow that’s the Definition of the Word Luck !! Lol 😂 Great Job Buddy

  • Angelo

    yoooh this is dope!

  • Andrew Nevarez
    Andrew Nevarez

    This child only cares about riding his toy around and corrupting the youth. Absolute coward adam, I live in LA and I might show you up the shop and tell you whats up

    • Andrew Nevarez
      Andrew Nevarez

      @Neeko o sorry ill be quiet

    • Neeko o
      Neeko o

      shut up pussy

  • lildead

    love the bmx and poker,

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia

    What size is you bmx

  • DR Hall
    DR Hall

    1:22 "It's beautiful. It's blackened." Kendra Sunderland is in this vlog?

  • Rockcandy212

    Cult crew 🤟

  • El Joey
    El Joey

    Yo Adam, first part of the video was awesome. Takes me back to my days on a skateboard and how I used to film myself and my boys and how I want to do it again nowadays but I'm quite sure I would probably blow out a knee or pulled hamstring. Anyways, for starters I don't have the Rona, so if you need someone to film you while you're out on a ride I'm more than down to come through and do that for you without expecting any pay or to be on camera. Just shooting my shot because I need to get the fuck out of this house every now and then. Anyways hope you go out and ride some more and post it.

  • Andrew Klipin
    Andrew Klipin

    This a dope vid plz make some more poker related vlogs they lit

  • HolliDaze !
    HolliDaze !

    Get it bro!! Nice clean Manual on 2nd try #ADAM22TheGoatOfAll!!🦾🤣 #NoJumper

  • Will Pearce
    Will Pearce

    Riding >

  • Deister_r1der

    Nice pornos bro:)

  • themasonbb

    This channel rly do be dead tho 😔😔


    Check me out bro they saying im the new gucci mane

  • Pate Futch
    Pate Futch


  • ryan bambi
    ryan bambi

    I can’t believe u have a snap channel, you kno that’s reserved for sellouts right?

    • Gxsmxsk76

      Pretty sure no one asked you

  • Fi Lahk
    Fi Lahk

    u r so uncoordinated . stick to talking lies

  • mark K
    mark K

    adam u a G

  • jarred ocasio
    jarred ocasio

    Fuck ya Adam back to the routes 💯 rope gang

  • Kyle P
    Kyle P

    love this vlog casual day with grandfather adam killing it on the bike

  • Nugs YT
    Nugs YT

    3:46 I’m dead

  • Ryan Lupkie
    Ryan Lupkie

    Fuck yeah

  • Crystallker

    dont get back to playing poker

  • Kale Stafford
    Kale Stafford

    Still want to see ya manual down the block like you said you could do in a older vlog.

  • Squall

    Bro more of these PLEASE, so sick to see this E X O D I A

  • SandStorm XII
    SandStorm XII

    He been a different man ever since he got that hair transplant


    This is dope

  • splashonthebeat

    nice poker plays

  • Charlie Sibley
    Charlie Sibley

    What make of water bottle is this

  • Zoey Zee
    Zoey Zee

    Do more blogs please bro

  • Haani baby
    Haani baby

    ropegang4lyfe man! but foreal doe brind stevie and begin together in one of these if would be sick!

  • Jordan

    Love it man.... I remember watching your bmx vlogs when I was in highschool. They were what brought me to your channel. It's crazy to see the journey you have been on... I've been watching the entire thing. Congrats on your success so far Adam! Cheers.



  • C G
    C G

    4:26 haha

  • C G
    C G

    Did adam admit to hair plugs he goes from badly receding to a full head of hair

    • Dr Psych
      Dr Psych

      That’s what I’m wondering

  • millyyen

    Yo I found an allgirls podcast @callherdaddy @adam22, should pipe & interview, y'know the usual

  • Respecting HipHop
    Respecting HipHop

    love it

  • Chris Lukas
    Chris Lukas

    Keep up these videos we missed them👌🏼

  • Camron Ridley
    Camron Ridley

    Go back for that ice pick!!

  • heyleroy

    Come play some WSOP Circuit events at the bike this month.

  • Jérôme D.
    Jérôme D.

    100 bucks to play a sound ? Fuck you and your dead channel!

  • Jan

    Dude you suck at poker

  • jeneegerber

    Find a local circus school!

  • Marlon Cornejo
    Marlon Cornejo

    always been a fan of you and your content. I also love poker soo this is kinda my cup of tea rn. Hope you get more viewers who enjoy this kind content.

  • Subscribe Now
    Subscribe Now

    What Poker Site Are you Playing on last I Knew Real Money Poker Online is Banned can you help me out on Letting me know on what site????

  • Isaac JPLT
    Isaac JPLT

    Poker is so good man more of that shit

  • DramaticDegen

    As a professional poker player, I was actually pretty impressed. I've seen quite a few non-poker content creators stream poker, and they all suck ass at the game. You're by far the best recreational I've seen stream poker, by a pretty large margin. Props!

    • kiev moores
      kiev moores

      Totally agree

    • adam22


  • Tyler Mahnke
    Tyler Mahnke

    Yes bro keep the poker up

  • Mc McPherson
    Mc McPherson

    What poker site was that!!? Bout to drop sum $$$!

  • Joe Hayes
    Joe Hayes

    Adam has hair, he's riding his bike again with the gang, this is nostalgic af bring back the instagram slam pls

  • Jordan Mills
    Jordan Mills

    That college looked sick for spots, love the bmx videos

  • daved591

    I think I saw Trey Jones wall ride that bench in a clip

  • St_710

    ur too quick to jam. once u start playing better opps that will be a huge leak.. No need to risk ur stack on a flop check raise when he bets 300k n u got qj with j high board... idk how long u been playing but keep grinding n youll pick up on more things. comment back if ya wanna talk ppoker

  • cujo fire
    cujo fire

    I will watch every bmx vlog adam maked

  • MO

    You look so healthy and happy bro, love it


    Hire me \•-•/

  • g miku
    g miku

    When the rogaine kicks in

  • Poo&Roo Renfro
    Poo&Roo Renfro

    Miss the bmx vlogs bring more back 🔥

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D

    Love the poker content man.

  • Nik Smith
    Nik Smith


  • Mac Diddles
    Mac Diddles

    3:45 😂

  • Martin Baker
    Martin Baker

    man every time you put mention BMX it reminds me of my bmx dirt jumping days and also that I am too lazy/busy to ride these days - love your stuff

  • A W
    A W

    Dude your hairs fucked

  • HomieLongJohn

    Adam love seeing you living your life get out of that box more ✊ ( as much as I enjoy the podcasts)

  • i music
    i music

    Ai Adam hit that rail for the culture, you got it homie

  • Evan Michael
    Evan Michael


  • Chris Nielsen
    Chris Nielsen

    Back in the element

  • daniele anyday
    daniele anyday

    adam ure trash on the poker 😂

  • Syrupyone

    Love watching you play on LATB bro sick crossover for me

  • Ryan’s Inshore Adventures
    Ryan’s Inshore Adventures

    I literally liked this video when you said “I had to play on mobile while I was in rush hour traffic, I know I’m confessing to a crime but oh well” fuckin epic dude 😂

  • weekendnachoz

    Just came here after you mentioned on NJS #31 this didnt do good views. You should pump out more consistent vlogs on here and Id bet it would go up. As a long time No Jumper fan my favorite content has always been the chill personal shit. Vlogs, the streetwear reviews/blunts n burgers even those news segments where you seemed like a more coked out keemstar were even dope.

  • private account
    private account

    Worst case Ontario, he biffs so hard and cant BMX anymore..

  • ROBERTS604

    Always gotta get back to the roots. Good to see you back on the bike

  • Craig Palumbo
    Craig Palumbo

    Love the poker content. More please

  • Michael Ramirez
    Michael Ramirez

    Hope your numbers go up my life is pretty boring so it gives me something to watch hah

  • pena penaali
    pena penaali

    Adam still got it👍👍💪🔥

  • LAZ E
    LAZ E

    This is sick to see you grind an MTT. the 55 utg is definitely a fine open off your stack at this stage

    • LAZ E
      LAZ E

      Mc McPherson ignition

    • Mc McPherson
      Mc McPherson

      LAZ E what site is this ??

  • Project On The Beatz
    Project On The Beatz

    i would def throw you some and you wont get copyright strikes

  • Project On The Beatz
    Project On The Beatz

    bro u need some beats playing behind ur bmx clips

  • james mazaris
    james mazaris

    This video sucks

  • james mazaris
    james mazaris

    Im not even paying attention anymore. Im still watching tho

  • james mazaris
    james mazaris

    Like there s other people besides you

  • james mazaris
    james mazaris

    Like a big circle for more people

  • james mazaris
    james mazaris

    An oval is actually a rectangle

  • james mazaris
    james mazaris

    This game of poker sucks im still watching it tho

  • james mazaris
    james mazaris

    Be yourself

  • james mazaris
    james mazaris

    Do u feel like ur going in a circle

  • W -
    W -

    Wtf that college was spot heaven. Man you guys are so lucky to live in Cali

  • McBiteyFace

    Do the rail pussy!!! 😂🤣😂

  • ian zavaleta
    ian zavaleta

    Hey Adam I’m trying to be a singer can you help me

  • N P
    N P

    all for more bike episodes fasho

  • Cama Andre
    Cama Andre

    Can you please get back to this

  • Hayden Sidwell
    Hayden Sidwell

    hey adam i wanna get into bmx right now i skate a fuck ton but i live in a little town in illinois and i’m 13 have no money i don’t know a cheep starter bmx any suggestions? thanks love your content.

  • Andrew Wall
    Andrew Wall

    i get a "why fousey tube is a total douche" video vibe here


    Love these bmx vlogs brings me back to the golden age of youtube and soundcloud

  • BREN

    These are the vlogs we all want. Bmx is the vibe

  • Oskar Coronado
    Oskar Coronado

    I stayed subscribed in hopes he would make vlogs again... it’s been years I think, but here we are !!!

  • WeRAnonymous 420
    WeRAnonymous 420

    Shit I haven't watched in a minute, but I'd definitely watch poker streams

  • 32 Su
    32 Su

    Loyalty is forever by 32$u on UZload listen