Kodak Black SUPER VIOLATES T.I. and his family
in today's hip hop news, Kodak Black was arrested. Famous Dex says he's clean now. Playboi Carti has an interesting rider. And much more
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  • Floyd Thomas
    Floyd Thomas

    That nigga Kodak lie too damn much like he knows some rollin 60s crips no he don't he don't even know them all of them

  • Samuel Edward Stone
    Samuel Edward Stone

    The hi hat in this beat makes me wanna die dude, so loud and stale, change the beat dude

  • Floyd Thomas
    Floyd Thomas

    Kodak gon reap what he sow

  • Floyd Thomas
    Floyd Thomas

    I was offended what Kodak black said about Lauren london man it was disrespectful and dumb to say that to a man just died and

  • Floyd Thomas
    Floyd Thomas

    Kodak black needs to be banned for disrespecting nipsey hussle and his wife Lauren London

  • J C
    J C

    i worked for a catering company and john legend’s rider stated he wanted all day bacon a few years ago.

  • King Deuce
    King Deuce

    Ti is a walking L

  • Pastademiks


  • MAVIC 514
    MAVIC 514

    Fuck Kodak Black

  • The Official Underscore Sks
    The Official Underscore Sks

    Gucci Adam get the bag make the kid do the dishes yeeeeea nobody fuckn wit mah chickens yeeeeea im in the northpole getting away from some pions in the kitchen burrr

  • Devin Bankett
    Devin Bankett

    Famous Dex is NOT sober. The nigga has on 2 completely different shoes.

  • Exorcist

    Adam cares so much about people talking into to the mic clearly... but he can even balance his background music and audio. Come on Bruh turn it down so I can hear you.

  • Brandon Bailey
    Brandon Bailey


  • Ryno Art 88
    Ryno Art 88

    Eminem is the best rapper in the world and ever. Living Legend.

  • Mike Hensley
    Mike Hensley

    Kodak Don't Want that Smoke...Tip can get him Disappeared for 20k..

  • Rob Ode
    Rob Ode

    Sober Dex? Damn homie you could just cut back to weed and occasional hard drug use, idk if this move was smart for Dex once you been all the way to bottom of rabbit hole, the middle is much easier then the top to dig out. Just saying bro

    • Rob Ode
      Rob Ode

      Total sobriety leads to full relapse, it's much easier to just maintain a maximum use schedule where you give yourself cheat days. But hey whatever works

  • iiProdi


  • Ben James
    Ben James

    You and your lady Rock Bro👍

  • Bry Marcogliese
    Bry Marcogliese

    Dex looks so good!!

  • islippry Ninja265
    islippry Ninja265

    Thankfully Kodak's bout to be gone for a long time

  • Branden Thomas
    Branden Thomas

    Adam sounding like my dad for second there talking about chance the rapper freestyle..."Now that was really something!!" 😂😂😂 #nojumper

  • Şilēņł Ē
    Şilēņł Ē

    Who is Kodak?

  • diagnosedbysociety

    6am club

  • Alex dzzz
    Alex dzzz

    T.I a bum the only song I even know of that carmal ass nigga is whatever you like this nigga got a kid lookin like the black bozo the clown don't worry about kodak man worry about your kid he's trying to steal Kodak's swag

  • kimasilv

    Should of left that little nigga alone everyone ain’t gonna bow down to TI

  • Mr.comments

    T.i opened up this can of worms

  • David Lawson
    David Lawson

    Eminem top 5

  • Melky

    so basically kodak black has a death wish

  • nick kcin
    nick kcin

    intreview cartier god he invented drip

  • Greenbelt7

    Enunciate those lips like a boss Adam!

  • Matt McGrath
    Matt McGrath

    This isn't what super violates mean smh

  • Uchiha Ethan
    Uchiha Ethan

    I'm not going to buy your Rapist Ried Shirt

  • 6fthighgetlifted

    Eminem is only top 5 to people who don't really listen to rap like that. 🤷‍♀️ he's still one of the best though.

  • BDChupacabra

    adam talking in cursive and shit.

  • Chris Rivas
    Chris Rivas

    Make more Riley Reid X OSS merch !!! Its 🔥🔥🔥

  • ProfesrFinesr


  • Jerrod Pick
    Jerrod Pick


  • leonard anderson
    leonard anderson

    If no one touched rainbow headass why would i think they gone touch kodak

  • Gage Lejour
    Gage Lejour

    How da faq is Kodak gonna talk about how people look that nukka looks like crazy eyes off orange is new black.

  • MoneyAnd7layers Bish
    MoneyAnd7layers Bish

    Adam 22 a clout muncher

  • Redbulpro

    Waiting for the moment Kodak gets shot🤣

  • Redbulpro

    Fck Kodak, wack ass bitch

  • Snow Man
    Snow Man

    Nice eyeliner Adam

  • Bigweed Blunts
    Bigweed Blunts

    Dex can’t be sober with all of the people around him sippin lean he might give in but if he can keep this up amazing for him

  • Bigweed Blunts
    Bigweed Blunts

    Pouya 100% right I haven’t had social media except for UZload for a couple years and I’m only 21 absolutely has helped my mental state.


    Making that hair transplant money now

  • Slim Geekin
    Slim Geekin

    I'm Glad You're Alive & Giving Us Great Content. i Like Tha Lil New Anchor Thing You Got Going Bruh. Much Love Adam22!

  • Mr. T/Kinky Tail Mapogo
    Mr. T/Kinky Tail Mapogo

    How the fuck is Kodak Black continuing the beef when it's Ti who started it and also dropped diss song? Foh!

  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans

    Lmao.. styrofoam cups, ice, sprite, pineapple Fanta, a&w cream. Real ones know those are some of the best sodas to pour up lean with.

    • Chris Evans
      Chris Evans

      Pretty much lol.. .i haven’t done it in years tbh.

    • croydn

      Real lean addicts lmao

  • D Fresh
    D Fresh

    I feel like if you do more mainstream people an not theese thots even though thats the topic of YOUR life style youd have more subscribers then vlad

  • OllieT

    Smoke weed the Australian way while ur here. Gatorade bottle and garden hose


    That rider is normal as fuck and hella reasonable tbh.

  • Martin Montalvo
    Martin Montalvo

    Adam stupid where you get yo info from you chase whatever popular dude practically a cheerleader

  • Chad Robinson
    Chad Robinson

    Biopsy WASNT the leader of the Rollin 60s

  • David Samorano
    David Samorano

    Kodak didn’t do anything wrong . Everyone is to sensitive and just female nowadays. Freedom of speech is freedom. You bitches would hate not being able to talk how you feel even if it’s wrong . He didn’t do anything physical to nipsey or his family so stop trippin. You want another rapper killed for nothing ? Sure good luck building your community lol...

  • Amelio Cabello
    Amelio Cabello

    Can you check out my first music video if you don't mind?. 🙏

  • dooms cr
    dooms cr

    No1 cares. T.i a fuck nigga

  • Jae Browne
    Jae Browne

    Nobody tryna hear smoke purp freestyle the same word for 40 mins straight lmao

  • Jae Browne
    Jae Browne

    Fuck twitterrrrrrr ig g ang bih

  • Jae Browne
    Jae Browne

    Why u pick out the part of the verse that really aint even matter he apoke about gillie and game lol this shit finna blow.over who care

  • Giovanni Waldrip
    Giovanni Waldrip

    Why are u wanting your fans to support a t shirt of a slut

  • Matt Garcia
    Matt Garcia

    electric key kettles are dope. They get it a whole pitcher hot in about 2 minutes. Probably some hot tea for thier voices before they perform. Its nothing new

  • Elijah Wheat
    Elijah Wheat

    Hey how did “No Jumper” get internet famous? Was he a former basketball player? Idk dis guy history I’m curious. If you know comment and let me know

    • fijiwah

      QuickClips TM bmx

  • Brian Zmolek
    Brian Zmolek

    Why is it so relaxing listening to the background music while at the same time listen to you give the news on some psychos lol

  • Sixdv

    Me:Ya fuck Kodak Me:I BE CALLING MY SPIRIT

  • Joshua Burton
    Joshua Burton

    In order to "SUPER VIOLATE" someone with words, you need to annunciate. Kadak Trash doesn't even know what that word means. This title is FAKE NEWS.

  • Nephi Stewart
    Nephi Stewart

    Zoe Pound>everyone Ain't no one touching him.

  • Rashad Preston
    Rashad Preston

    I don't smoka tha herb no mo but I'll burn some sage for all ye demons mane. ✌️

  • John MangO
    John MangO

    check out maria careys riders list and get back to me

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez

    Deleted my Twitter awhile go , one of my better choices

  • アントニオ

    Insta is way more toxic than Twitter for me

  • Alex Cook
    Alex Cook

    you know kodak bout it tho

  • Kon

    TI ain't got no spirit, got no deeper layer, 1 ghost writer 1 ghost thinker

  • Nathan Ricketts
    Nathan Ricketts

    That wasn't even a diss' ITS THE TRUTH!!!! dont get um twisted

  • Andres R.
    Andres R.

    Yup twitter is just toxic

  • IV

    I love your background song but it makes me sleepy

  • Andres R.
    Andres R.


  • jon tss
    jon tss

    Kodak hilarious for the diss lines. TI son hella gay. TI music trash n he a super cornball. The line bout tiny was funny. But I always thought Tiny is hella cute i like the short hood southern girl shit

  • iLander

    adam22 got them riley reid cheeks lmaoo

  • Laygoz

    Bizarre just want his boo em back

  • Ricky Ricardo
    Ricky Ricardo

    I don't have FB, dont have Twitter (never have) and I couldn't care less


    I deal with riders everyday and that’s nothing

  • Sam

    Adam is proud of being a junkie....sad

  • roxine felton
    roxine felton

    This kid and I do mean kid, is trash 🗑. He’s talking about what ppl look like. Smh! When he’s got baby dicks coming off his head. Boy bye. Kodak black is garbage. Ti and tiny and family do your thing, much love from the west coast

  • spooln54 e85
    spooln54 e85

    Adam22 is turning soft of course he supports TI he's an old head LOL

  • Super! Jota
    Super! Jota


  • Will Glenwright
    Will Glenwright

    T.I swung at Mayweather JR back in the day, don't rate any of his music but swinging at Floyd probably takes some balls 🤷‍♂️

  • Elusive Walrus Gaming
    Elusive Walrus Gaming

    Yo, why does this dude exist?! Shulda murk’d this fool

  • Jordan Cz
    Jordan Cz

    Every single morning i wake up Put on no jumper or adam22 And smoke a shit load of bongs

  • Nibs Sean
    Nibs Sean

    Adam uses the n word while he shits

  • ty millz
    ty millz

    Yall for real need to stop with that Kodak bullshit.. U notice niggas went silent right? What you think these grown ass men playing with that lil nigga.. Ok I pray Kodak stay safe..

  • christina 2310
    christina 2310

    T.I. Is mad annoying yo

  • justin Uh no
    justin Uh no

    Kodak got that green light on his ass get the strap

  • Valentine Vandalism
    Valentine Vandalism

    I need to know that outro beat

  • yung star rod
    yung star rod

    that shirt so 🗑🤣

  • Yvette Simmons
    Yvette Simmons

    TI has disrespect Tiny and his daughters and his sons numerous of times by his cheating actions

  • Gandhi P
    Gandhi P

    Bring back the NS Sweats and ill cop 2

  • Edith M
    Edith M

    Fucking white boy adam doesn’t even fucking know what super violate means...

  • lil G
    lil G


    • Blake Mericle
      Blake Mericle

      lil G UZload comment thug

  • Nick Nyce
    Nick Nyce

    Kodak is an idiot. I don’t respect anyone with sexual assault charges. Fuck him