Jane Wilde tells us about the "Whorearchy"
Jane Wilde came on the show and told us all about "the whorearchy". Check it

  • Lamarcus Brown
    Lamarcus Brown

    I need to do something with my life. Let me fuck on camera 🤣😂. Her parents must be proud

  • Danny Santos
    Danny Santos

    Is that zacks girl?

  • Olivier

    Who's here from h3h3

  • Ian Gill
    Ian Gill

    Is she a Latina?

  • Sambhaji Ambatwad
    Sambhaji Ambatwad

    I am the biggest fan of Jane Wilde

  • Cameron Müller
    Cameron Müller

    Gender studies at its highest and what are they qualified for?

  • Celeste Jacobs
    Celeste Jacobs

    Um yeeaaahhh.. There's a big difference between doing a strip show where no one touches you, and getting gangbanged by ten dudes. Lmfao. Is she serious??

  • andrew

    this chick missed a couple of hugs when she was young lol

  • Dudeman 13
    Dudeman 13

    "First anal is a big deal" - adam22

  • Snorkel Dawg
    Snorkel Dawg

    This is probably the worst video I’ve seen on UZload

  • P1776

    You're all going to Hell.

  • Jake Valanski
    Jake Valanski

    Adam my dude you're f****** hilarious bro this video had me dieing and the close gotta love that close aaaaahaha my boi!!!

  • Mursalin Hredoy
    Mursalin Hredoy

    Where to find the full video

  • J J
    J J

    I don't buy her ideology around "hustle." Girl...if there is another "sex worker" out there getting paid the same amount to show her tits online as you are for getting gang banged by ten dudes- I'm sorry but her hustle is way stronger (and smarter) than yours. And of course online sex work with zero touching is better. You set your own schedule, you give your body to no one and you're not risking your health. It seems absolutely ridiculous for you to think otherwise.

  • Free Akeem
    Free Akeem

    Adam- “You gotta fill your face with crap?” Idk how no one pointed this out lol

  • H.A.M

    One definitely is better than the other, be honest with yourself.

  • Adrian King
    Adrian King

    You can tell this chick is not the brightest light bulb in the box.

  • Diss & Dad
    Diss & Dad

    She looks like she has drug issues.

  • Mc Earl
    Mc Earl

    This dumb bitch is just justifying her actions. I guarantee Adam agrees too given Lenas profession. There’s a big difference between showing a tit on twitter or even fingering yourself on cam and fucking dudes for money on camera. The fact of her talking about people stealing their “first anal” should tell you what kind of industry she’s in.

  • InDue Season
    InDue Season

    Her Upper Lip Reminds me of Every Simpson's Character 😂

  • Blue3erry Khay
    Blue3erry Khay

    Thank you 4 every-goddamn-thing, master.

  • SashasGuitar Covers
    SashasGuitar Covers

    When is Adam gonna stop having whores on every show

  • Star Francis
    Star Francis

    i feel EXACTLY what hes Doing. THE RUDE Ass people on here who seriously Watch the WHOLE VIDEO then talk SHIT! Just keep it moving . jist by the title you know what it is. Something brought your curious ass to this video. Hes trying EDUCATE People who are curious and who have an open mind . People STOP the hate. Every single one of us have done something that not everyone is going to agree ON. Shes doing what she wants it's her life her body and makes her Happy So please people stop being so small minded because it has no affect on your life other then you looking real ignorant for trying to put someone down. Adam i appreciate what you do foreal. With such a diverse following why wouldn't you have topics like this?. No one else talkes about stuff like this, anf its pretty fucking brilent. You Keep it raw and for me thats what brings me back to your channel. keep doing your thing the both of you.💋

  • Jeffrey Phillip
    Jeffrey Phillip

    Does she have facial paralysis?

  • hbk 2010
    hbk 2010

    Flashing tit= Gangbang 10 guys this girls mind is fucked LOL

  • Ras Auto
    Ras Auto

    #ibelieveinwhorearchy and dont want none of em pls

  • Smoogle s.
    Smoogle s.

    why the fuck is he talking to pornstars this shit has like zero reason or concept

  • Daniel † DeJesus
    Daniel † DeJesus

    1:03 "- Listen..."

  • ·.· Mike C ·.·
    ·.· Mike C ·.·

    〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 this girl thinks being a whore and getting fucked on camera by strangers is the same as a solo girl camming alone at her house... lmao what a dumbass 🔼🔺🔻🔺🔻🔺🔻🔺🔻🔺🔻🔺🔼

  • witchdoctor sounds
    witchdoctor sounds

    So dumb lol i bet someone just made up that name

  • A Dank Coder - Memes
    A Dank Coder - Memes

    i thought she was gonna say unconstitutional XD

  • Moriwood

    Stealing First anal 😂😂😂😂


    this is fucked dude

  • Felipe Rangel
    Felipe Rangel

    Sus ass questions there, adam.

  • Jason Hawkins
    Jason Hawkins

    This one isn’t dropping a mixtape??

  • cort reynolds-bolan
    cort reynolds-bolan

    this lady was raised poorly.

  • Balrajeet

    Stop interviewing thots they’re all the same uninteresting girl

  • Don Jefe
    Don Jefe

    She GotA Lazy Lip

  • Zyzz Fuark
    Zyzz Fuark

    "Sexwork" 😆

  • Dan Diener
    Dan Diener

    She talks out of the side of her mouth haha

  • Holly Brooks
    Holly Brooks

    At least she’s not a total air head...

  • Dylan Peffer
    Dylan Peffer

    Am I the only one that enjoys this type of content. You don’t have to unsubscribe just don’t watch

  • Uncle Jesse
    Uncle Jesse

    This is a man in his mid 30’s interviewing a child about her sex work and her first sodomy experience.... I think I’m unsubscribing from no jumper. Starting to realize this Adam guy is actually fucking weird.... I don’t even have to bring up all the weird sexual misconduct accusations

  • Bassie

    I like these clips 😊

  • Supaflyy Owen
    Supaflyy Owen

    Adam we don’t give a FUCK about these thots bruh

  • Jessica Newberry
    Jessica Newberry

    Smh🤦🏻‍♀️where’s the interesting content adam🤷‍♀️still love you & Lena though👍

  • RamMan Phelps
    RamMan Phelps

    Wouldn't even fap to her

  • Quentin Palacat
    Quentin Palacat

    Ok on the real these chick on here are made me stop watching your videos og

  • Melissa Elkins
    Melissa Elkins

    Her pants are undone

  • monika

    Adam give an interview to the thot that sucked Lil Pump when he was only 17 in that Motel 6, now that is the most iconic thot in the history of soundcloud. the OG. b4 any of these frauds came about. She inspired a whole era of thots.

  • stfu bruh
    stfu bruh


  • Lucas C
    Lucas C

    Can we have rappers on this damn channel already ?

  • PMA II
    PMA II

    Adam built a fan base off the back of underground artists just so him and his horse face bitch can fuck women that were sexually abused in there in there youth. #AmericanDream

  • Shane Welch
    Shane Welch

    Y'all only think it's wrong because that's what society conditioned everyone to think.

    • 2Muchpjp

      Im pretty sure STD's is natures way of telling us not to whore around.

  • Scotty Pimpinn
    Scotty Pimpinn

    Why do people give these brain dead hoes attention.. oh wait

  • storm kuhrt
    storm kuhrt

    Fucking trash can right here

  • DJA

    At the time of this comment he gave her 52 thousand searches after this video

  • brad cruise
    brad cruise

    Dud whats up with her mouth???

  • Judge Shred
    Judge Shred

    Jane Wilde was always perfect she don’t need filler

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith

    200 to play my song. Wonder what she had to do to be on?

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith

    If you want to waste your time with Adams dumb ass video's, then spend some time listening to my rap. " Cringe rap by Jeff" soundcloud

  • Huncho

    Her lips are fucked she can barley move them 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Biglo Money
    Biglo Money

    I literally jus buss a nut to her

  • Cake God
    Cake God

    But have you ever heard of underage cam girls tho


    Stop with the thots and bring back the underrated SoundCloud artists

  • Mind Yours
    Mind Yours

    Did she have a stroke?? It looks like she sucks dick from the side of her face

  • J K
    J K

    this chick sucks lol

  • Guthrie Moore
    Guthrie Moore


  • Daniel V
    Daniel V


  • Kev lar
    Kev lar

    Bernie Mac Show or listen to some prostitute ive never heard of explain what "whorearchy" is..... easy call.

  • Lil Neptune
    Lil Neptune

    lets all hope our daughters wont become like her

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M

    02:10 this bitch talking about just be a kid and all this bullshit, yet it looks like she has half a pound of lip filler in her face and she's only 20. so sad. these pornstar interviews aren't even fun anymore. just sad.

  • Steven Chowder
    Steven Chowder

    Adam has no one of talent on now. Not that he had that many before but this shit is just stupid

  • Wayne Sweeney
    Wayne Sweeney

    Best by far.... first anal

  • Ghojirah Beats
    Ghojirah Beats

    i would love too see a country where the majority of woman follow that, hiv and single, cool

  • 91750fast

    aint nobody stealing my first anal!!!

  • Dante Merricks
    Dante Merricks

    Tf no more Pornstars unless they finna get naked af💯😂

  • Trill Nugz
    Trill Nugz

    Who's daughter is this 😢

  • Josh Embler
    Josh Embler

    Nobody with a normal psyche give a single fuck about pornstar interviews. Honestly people just wanna see them gangbanged. And even that is disgusting. Close to an unsub.

  • Josh Embler
    Josh Embler

    This is great for the kids Adam.

  • Josh Embler
    Josh Embler

    Who gives a fuck about pornstars...honestly if you watch this you need to grow up, and or get a life and some real ladies. Jesus people.

  • Kevsepticaye OG
    Kevsepticaye OG


  • JBradshaw00

    For some reason I'm guessing this isn't the same Jane Wilde that was married to Stephen Hawking.

  • tonyraww420

    This bitch isn’t even cute how does she do sex work

  • smudge it
    smudge it

    She needs to fire her lip lady...

  • Kush Techs
    Kush Techs

    Bottom of the barrel type of bitch she’s weak flat and pale ....cmon Adam ....falling off

  • Elevated Organic
    Elevated Organic

    Shes not good looking at all

  • Elevated Organic
    Elevated Organic

    So extremly uninteresting. What an unintelligent girl 😂

    • Elevated Organic
      Elevated Organic

      @item I get that, just don't understand why anyone wants to hear her speak

    • item

      Elevated Organic she’s in a porn for a reason. What you want her to be a sophisticated, intellectual girl?

  • Zach BandiClout
    Zach BandiClout

    I wish i can just wack off on camera and make a living

  • Jamaican Warren Buffett
    Jamaican Warren Buffett

    This girl lost a family remember, and proceeded to reflect on what she really wants to do with her life and decided "I want to get fucked on camera". WOW, isn't that a story!!!

  • Jay Psykz
    Jay Psykz

    Stop already with these dumb ass hoes.. WTF? No one gives a fuck. These bitches are stooooopid AF!!! Get a guest with some vocabulary, and brains. FFS!!!!

  • Jim Moss
    Jim Moss

    Her lips are weird ....makes her look odd . She's cool though

  • Spook

    her lips are weird due to the dick probably

  • Yung Gotti
    Yung Gotti

    What's his fascination with porn stars?

  • Jeff

    It looks like her upper lip is partially paralyzed. Could just be the angle but it's really fucking with me lol

  • Ms. L
    Ms. L

    I’m totally down for interviewing the sex workers. BUT ones more like this girl who isn’t brain dead and slurring her words looking like a crack hoe. Get that money sis

  • Cash Flow
    Cash Flow

    why does adam think we care about this?

  • Stephan Humphrey
    Stephan Humphrey

    Also Adam most people dont give a fuck about these stupid whores(that's why they r whores) get someone interesting on

  • Stephan Humphrey
    Stephan Humphrey

    Taking away the legitimacy of sex work for me..... her parents super proud.. her dad respects her profession and loves talking about his daughters accomplishments at work

  • Kenny Dowson
    Kenny Dowson


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