i woke up today and my house was flooding. WTF. join me in this journey.
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  • phooshiey

    Boy you haven’t seen a flood smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Kristin b
    Kristin b

    I feel the pain hard with this holy fuck. My basement used to flood EVERYTIME it rained. So many people came to "fix" it but nothing worked. So for 2 years evertime it rained I had to shop vac for like an hour. Someone actually fixed it finally thank god. Your home flooding is probably the worst stress & anxiety in the world. Especially when no one knows what's up or how to fix it so you just feel fucked lol.

  • J M
    J M

    Go to Home Depot and buy sand bags

  • Bryce Goode
    Bryce Goode

    Penny wise must of left Georgie in the drain

  • spook show
    spook show

    Dig the damn drain out.

  • spook show
    spook show

    Dig a ditch to let the water out.

  • Schuyler Clark
    Schuyler Clark

    In Classical Feng Shui, occupants of a property located on a steeply inclined terrain are unable to retain their wealth. This type of property makes it impossible for the Sheng Qi or positive energy to accumulate and converge. It just washes away down hill. And so does your money. It drains away everything you earn, no matter how hard you work to save your money. Hence, this is not an ideal site to build your property.

    • Schuyler Clark
      Schuyler Clark

      Classical Feng Shui favors the idea of living on a gentle slope of a hill. The vertical incline can represent the black turtle and the open space or gently undulating land in the front can represent the crimson phoenix. Also, the soil on the gentle slopes of a hill is usually fertile and rich which can enable occupants to take up agriculture or other related activities. It acts as a natural source of self-employment. History has it that most primitive and prosperous civilizations were located on the slopes of the hills. Also, the property is less likely to flood. Hence, property on a sloping terrain is favorable.

  • KennyRS

    thanks for the clickbait and no the joke didn't make it any better

  • young sharmuta
    young sharmuta

    u lowkey looking like al pacino with that jacket

  • young sharmuta
    young sharmuta

    "this drain didnt drain" lol

  • Shawna Stahl
    Shawna Stahl

    Damn!! Hope it was that drain an u two didn't get fucked.. hope u guys got flood insurance now?? Hope you guys got that figured out.. you guys should look into if you are a hazard in flooding zone.. JS much love

  • Tegan Therese
    Tegan Therese

    Why would you leave Lena inside with the 2mills of water when she already stated she doesn’t know what service to call... get inside quick before she drowns

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan

    Why is your fuckin girl the only one attempting to actually fix the issue as u fuckin sit and record ??????

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike

    Shitty foundation on that house

  • CAtaLysT Po
    CAtaLysT Po

    My bad. Thought this just happened . im still litt from lastnight

  • CAtaLysT Po
    CAtaLysT Po

    It all depends on how much of the floor got wet. U could just replace the entrance with tiles that transitions to the original wood floor . couple options if i didnt live in phila. Would come thru for the low

    • CAtaLysT Po
      CAtaLysT Po

      U need to take some preventative messures. So it dont happen again

    • CAtaLysT Po
      CAtaLysT Po

      I got u. Fly me out. Lol

    • CAtaLysT Po
      CAtaLysT Po

      Im a contractor. Been doing this kind of work for 15 + yrs

  • County2County Solutions
    County2County Solutions

    Shes getting a 3some done

  • JD22222

    Still fw bro tho

  • JD22222

    no clickbait just had to hire whole graphic designer make a fake pic of his house all flooded.

  • Andreas Dunlap
    Andreas Dunlap

    Adam got that dirty foot job from Lena the Gardner/plumber

  • Chris Costello
    Chris Costello

    Celina came to your house and plugged up the storm drain.

  • Pegamation Productions
    Pegamation Productions


  • Abigail Jasmyn
    Abigail Jasmyn

    That's not good. 😁

  • Ben Stein
    Ben Stein

    Instal sump pump to avoid future flooding and instal drain covers on street to help avoid it getting clogged up with leaves

  • ThemanThemythThelegend

    I was gonna do this but i had to film 😷

  • Major Pager
    Major Pager

    They get you by putting those at the entrance, they got me and I ended up buying it also lol

  • childish 818 k.i.D Sylmar California
    childish 818 k.i.D Sylmar California

    Let me see it and I will tell you if you need a new one

  • Chaser Trades
    Chaser Trades

    You need to change the floor if it is wood. Gonna swell up if not. But the insurance should cover most of the cost

  • Jordon Grant Haysom
    Jordon Grant Haysom

    Sue the council

  • Danielg Hedgepeth
    Danielg Hedgepeth

    Your girl is such a keeper and so in love with you dont take it for granted which it seems you possibly are..Act yo age homie lol

  • lamborghini famous
    lamborghini famous

    Hope u ok

  • Hustler

    Stay blessed dawg , love from TX 🤙🏼🇨🇱

  • Universal Hater
    Universal Hater

    Hey Adam what’s the update on your floor from the flooding

  • Eddie C
    Eddie C

    Adam u help with my depression thank you bro

  • Alivia Strolis
    Alivia Strolis


  • Kassie Dabs
    Kassie Dabs

    you should be able to file a claim with the city to repay you for damages.. you just have to turn in an estimate with it.

  • HighDefIndustries

    This should have been posted on the family channel.


    My dude when I saw LENA in the rain breaker saving the entire neighborhood while you were vlogging, It makes me envy you more lol Keep killin it player


    “No click bait” is gonna be the new “no cap”

  • Devon Zastre
    Devon Zastre

    He can actually grow it looks alright to. Ha-Ha 😃

  • Devon Zastre
    Devon Zastre

    Jake owen, Luke bryan, Brad Paisley, Lady antebellum's good if your depressed mode.

  • Eric Buttice
    Eric Buttice

  • Ace Ambling
    Ace Ambling

    damn tony fat asl, get that cat on a diet

  • Schwem Punk.Ass.Kid.
    Schwem Punk.Ass.Kid.

    You literally lookin 10 years older after this video..m the STRESS

  • Heather L.
    Heather L.

    I do love Adam and Lena vlogging together lol it's so cute

  • Jessy Jassal
    Jessy Jassal

    They are going to be the most intreating UZload family ever

  • Solace

    Lenas like wtf Adam you’re just gonna sit here and vlog this shit lol

  • JuSt O
    JuSt O

    You need a sump pump my dawg!

  • El Maikito
    El Maikito

    It's time to get flood insurance

  • El Maikito
    El Maikito

    Go to home Depot & hire some dudes to fix that fam

  • That one guy
    That one guy

    After that Clickbait the world was like fuck you

  • Connor Lamb
    Connor Lamb

    Man was a Pac-Man fuckin LEGEND

  • Benjamin Cummings
    Benjamin Cummings

    All this Dude's Content is Garbage. It's True

  • Alan Martinez
    Alan Martinez

    Adam go rent a Dehumidifier from hertz and that should dry up ur floor and prevent mold.. Ps. When is the wedding..

  • Nearly Homeless
    Nearly Homeless

    That's a sick house but such a crazy scenario that will def keep happening

  • Steve Fulton
    Steve Fulton

    I’ve commented on every social media platform you have lol Ima put it out there u way better than vlad TV ADAM ADAM ADAM 22 22 22 fuck Christmas I just want to pay my hospital bills ✅✅✅🔥🔥🔥

  • Karver Cate
    Karver Cate

    I hope yall dont get catch ring worm from that firth water. Oh and ill redo your floor if you put me onsomeshit 🙏🏾

  • marcin rosol
    marcin rosol

    hair transplant ?

  • goget'em188


  • Leanne Carter
    Leanne Carter

    She doesn't need the pre natal vitamins please tell her 😂😂

  • DismayTravis

    Bro for the flood have someone with a moisture meter just test your floors if there’s not heavy moisture in the floor you’re solid you can skip out on calling the resto company

  • BelowAverage

    Damn man that’s insane

  • Angel Barajas
    Angel Barajas

    Bro , I do concrete and shit. You need like a damn retaining wall or a better gutter if you live on the bottom to keep the water out 😳😳 I would hook it up cuz I fuck with your vids , I started watching years ago. Good shit 🤙🏽

  • Ruben Delgado
    Ruben Delgado

    Lil nas

  • VLOSE Prod. DripmasterV
    VLOSE Prod. DripmasterV

    Y’all hilarious 😭

  • Olivia Candies
    Olivia Candies

    Basically what happens in New Orleans 24/7😂

  • sub cool
    sub cool

    What bunch of spoiled yuppies... omg my floor got wet and we almost drowned.. adam is such a female

  • Maintaining Megan
    Maintaining Megan

    Pointsettas are very poisonous to cats. Your cat will prob eat them.

  • Koo1aid _540
    Koo1aid _540 check me out 🏊🏼‍♂️🌊🏊🏼‍♂️🌊🏊🏼‍♂️🌊😘📍✨✨✨✨✨

  • carignantr

    You know he threw a fit and kicked and screamed when he saw water in the house and made her get out of bed to figure it out

  • Code More
    Code More

    Thanks for suffering through this so I don't have to. PROTIP:576 Dont buy a house at the bottom of a hill

  • kushnasty Mcdabz
    kushnasty Mcdabz

    Hahaha fix your grade

  • Danny Lez
    Danny Lez

    Lenas adderall addiction out of hand

  • DaddySnowball

    I had to do this but i had to film it

  • Joey Ramirez
    Joey Ramirez

    you can def just get some of the floor replaced instead of paying 10gs to redo the whole thing

  • Ty Boz
    Ty Boz

    Congrats on 1 mil Adam!!!

  • Brian Crosby
    Brian Crosby

    The video still is literally clickbait

  • Mandy BoOx3
    Mandy BoOx3

    You gotta get the drain snaked and don’t sweep the leaves I. There that’s why it’s not draining bc of clog unless you have a snapped drain line bc of the roots of trees can break them I would get a roterrooter dude to clean all the leaders /gutters and drains to make sure everything will work properly the next rain

  • Goe Ogle
    Goe Ogle

    You ain't Rich enough if your house floods 💯

  • sam pollack
    sam pollack

    Best ad I’ve ever seen ngl ps I love you Lena!!

  • Buk Lau
    Buk Lau

    someone lemme know his intro song plz

  • A Gang 203
    A Gang 203


  • Kessy

    "I was gonna do this but i had to film." a man in the 21st century

  • Sean T
    Sean T

    whos trying to charge you 10K?

  • Vanessa

    They like me and you I think 🤣

  • Jason Truong
    Jason Truong

    Embarrassing how Adam admits he not a man and has his girl do all the man shit lmfao

  • miked 614
    miked 614

    Get the insurance money and pay a floor guy cheaper than paying a contractor

  • Julia Riber Pitt
    Julia Riber Pitt

    Were you still living in Nashua when it flooded back in spring 2006?

  • Kypto Krit
    Kypto Krit

    You should have rented commercial space heaters/fans and dehumidifiers and you could have most likely saved the floor from warping and mold issues.

  • Mazziotti

    Interview NASCAR

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith

    Keep yo hair

  • Aurora Phoenix Sky
    Aurora Phoenix Sky

    We get bad flooding here and the insurance took flooding off of the insurance list..

  • Gurb Nation
    Gurb Nation

    Where’s the man of the house?

  • Matt P
    Matt P

    Sandbags bro.....

  • chesus chrust
    chesus chrust

    Atleast Adam recognizes only boomers are on Facebook

  • RåDåR PUBGM Entertainment
    RåDåR PUBGM Entertainment

    Adam22 if you remove all those per-annual plants and did some yard work to prevent the leaves getting into the sewer drain , your house never would of been flooded . So I suggest removing several of those bigger trees and all of the other plants that cover your entire yard my dude . All this could have been prevented .

  • RåDåR PUBGM Entertainment
    RåDåR PUBGM Entertainment

    The red plants are called Poinsettia everyone. I’m Dr Green-thumbs everybody.

  • RåDåR PUBGM Entertainment
    RåDåR PUBGM Entertainment

    $10,000 sounds like a really good deal @Adam22 . Water damage is a biatch my guy, if the flooring contractor is going to install real wood floors or some travertine tile . The price is Right my guy Especially being in Los Angeles . Make sure the company is insured and actually legitimate because if not that price is high. Always better to go with a licensed and insured sub contractor because you’ll have a guarantee on the work done.

  • Croudy Ragu
    Croudy Ragu

    smoke a blunt. let that floor rott. u wont be living there forever adam22.

  • Squin 99
    Squin 99

    Bruh get a sump pump and start pumping that shit off ur driveway