Lil Yachty Fights A Random Hater! Did Trippie Redd Brawl with Slim Jimmi?
Today I figured I would update you guys on Rolling Loud, specifically the numerous physical altercations that took place. Lil Yachty got into it with some dude, Wack100 had an altercation of some sort with someone from Nipsey's camp and Trippie Redd might have had an issue with Slim Jimmie of Rae Sremmurd. Let's discuss

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    PuertoRican Chuckles

    Things need to get more Popping so these @adam22 videos can get milions of views

  • Kaylynn

    Trippie Redd is one of the ugliest things I’ve seen in my life, next to Kodak Black.

  • luke

    I didnt watch the whole video yet but slim jimmy would beat tf out of trippie redd lmao

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    Huh Gang Gang

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    A Bowl, remember the name

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    bothers me that he hasn't closed out the ad

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    The Life’s A Beach Podcast

    I am a producer, an artist i work with was recently murdered and this is one of the last tracks he recorded. Music was his passion so I would like to see how I can get his song to blow up so he can support his family even though he is no longer with us.

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    Drey Casa

    Probably spent all his money on a bunker for may like post and has nothing left

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    Jay Weezy

    man ur shit sucks now bitch boy adam

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    Jason Johnson

    you needa listen to learn life and line up by mgm lett

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    Buy the donkey

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    I’m just chilling with Adam

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    So is he or is he not a rapist?

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    Zotiyac interveiw??? Check him out bro you'll like him

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    Fousey likes dudes

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    Fellow Sagittarius 🔥

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    I thought we had the same bdays but yours is 24th and mines is 23rd 😃

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    Djinn Magik

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    Adam's Copy 🆙🔝🔥🎶😁

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    How do I submit a video to Adam22 ? I pay ? And where do I contact him ? Appreciate it comment’22

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    Gotta interview Light Gz

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    John Aliotta

    trippie redd and was was like yo slim jim u better put ur balls in my face. slim jimmy refused. but then little yachty flew in wearing nothing but undies and farted on Adam's face.

  • Yariel Sierra
    Yariel Sierra

    Rip desto dubb

  • Revolution Hippie
    Revolution Hippie

    I mean this thing is hazardous, it should come with it's own warning label.

    • Avery Flath
      Avery Flath

      Revolution Hippie meanwhile Kodak eating that prison spread #freeyak

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    Steven Reid


  • 6'1 Dane
    6'1 Dane

    Trippie is getting weirder

  • Zeus So2
    Zeus So2

    People these days do all that stuff on purpose cuz they know if they curse or say sum dumb shi they gonna get their as beat so then they can sue them cuz they know they got a good amount of money, this is just how the world has gotten people do anything for money, every day it gets worst.

  • Embery Byrd
    Embery Byrd

    Adam has no stroke game

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    william martin


  • Michael needs help
    Michael needs help

    adam 22 is the problem with america, piece of shit got lucky after years of being a scumbag and manipulated kids to make him famous

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    Lakers Forever

    adam 22 is the biggest lame lmfaooo fuck this loser

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    Wayne Stewart

    Adam you the best

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    Rob Banks

    Blah blah blah- this video was major waste of Time- Nothing new said

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    Podcast Smash! adam killed it

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    Gabriel vincent

    Adam loves shit like this...definition of a clout demon 🤷‍♂️

  • Fuji

    Nice balls nigga

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      Andrew Patel


  • Mr Watto
    Mr Watto

    I only discovered Adam recently. But are grown men, really fucking interested about mongs fighting, slapping, or No? Get on with your podcasts, they are cool, interesting. Get in a cage or a ring & FIGHT. BKB, MMA, Boxing. Otherwise, fuck off you are spoiling a good thing.

  • Joel Hattori
    Joel Hattori

    Who saw his new video with Lena the plug on P0rn Hub... Just me?

    • Joel Hattori
      Joel Hattori

      @Fred Jones so helpful and informative thank you Bill

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      Fred Jones

      @Joel Hattori xvid always leaking her new content that your spoused to pay for so maby that can solve your problem?

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      Joel Hattori

      @Fred Jones I'm poor

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      Fred Jones

      You can pay to see her live stream and preuim snap chat You dont have to wait for a free new video every couple months

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    Wesley Taylor

    Adam please do a video on your podcast setup!

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    Is Lil Yachty better than triple Redd 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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    Jay Grand im up next

  • Instinct Flamezz
    Instinct Flamezz

    Adam vs MGK UZload boxing would be lit asf

  • brixxx made/4500
    brixxx made/4500

    He got knocked out on his feet😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Josh Mogo
    Josh Mogo

    Trippies Manager got JUMPED in the trailers.

  • RollinStoneStunna 5
    RollinStoneStunna 5

    Mgk funny nigga slapped the mic 😂😂😂😂😂

  • RollinStoneStunna 5
    RollinStoneStunna 5

    If you get beat up by lil yachty u 10\10 deserve it 😂😂😂😂😂

  • DFORREAL Log up
    DFORREAL Log up

    Adam22 you seem to always want to be in the middle of somebody’s else’s drama. I feel like you have some type of fetish’s with male celebrity’s .. I’m guessing you make your money that way to keep you and the plug happy

    • Williams Garcia
      Williams Garcia


  • Paul Massey
    Paul Massey

    No intro no outro that's my jam bruh 🤦‍♂️😥

  • Oskari Rintamäki
    Oskari Rintamäki

    Well now there is a video and clearly you can see Yachty punching the dude and then him hitting the ground

  • LiLsimbah11

    Allegation news ....

  • Mikey2111

    That MGK thing was priceless 🤣

  • Brian Teo
    Brian Teo

    Rolling Loud backstage is where real wrestling happens lmao

  • Xetlay

    Adam22 should just because a professional Maui Thai fighter and kick the shit out everyone who wants smoke 🤍🥴

  • Ming0

    Got damn Adam got back stage rolling loud sounding like the WWE

  • unknownchky

    all that time no video

  • James Frankowsky
    James Frankowsky


  • Wolf Biggaveli
    Wolf Biggaveli

    Thru all the bs you and no jumper have come a long way adam....keep up the good work bro you guys matter in hip hop 💪🏿💎

  • rontavius snipes
    rontavius snipes

    Yatchy got free clout cuh

  • TrapKing Productions
    TrapKing Productions

    These people needa leave Yachty alone. Guy literally just works. Why the fuck is it wrong to drop someone who talks shit?


    It was alotta fights sheeshhh

  • Jaime Reveles
    Jaime Reveles

    Fuck yatchy, everything about this nigga pisses me the fuck off.

  • A Sapoluu
    A Sapoluu

    Idk where I’m from that’s not getting jumped That shit looked like in WWE when they gang up on someone

  • Alana Wrisley
    Alana Wrisley

    Lol Adam talking about being cold in LA when I'm in western mass and there's snow and freezing rain going on right now. . Salt and plow trucks working the streets right now... and he is cold in LA?

    • Williams Garcia
      Williams Garcia

      Hes a light weight who thinks 50 is cold


    One love bro in 22 we TRUST

  • 247Apex

    Love Scars got 89M ... no type got 700M .... lol I fw Trippie but he just being talking sometimes. He out of his league trying to come at jxmmi

    • 247Apex

      Bitch shut up.

    • A Sapoluu
      A Sapoluu

      Did u really just compare yt views wtf Jxmmi isn’t even the reason for those views it’s all sway

  • 247Apex

    Trippie outta pocket on this one. Hands down.

  • akeem hase
    akeem hase

    "All that shxt fake"

  • Garnizzle

    my man is planning on "discussing" the "MGK Situation". you literally explained the entire situation in two seconds on the vlog.

    • Khal Netherfields
      Khal Netherfields

      Why, what's the situation then? Because I haven't heard about it

  • SwiftDreamer

    Why did the dude that got jump by Yachty's clique look like a Samoan Akedemiks?

  • Dolla_Dame_Echols

    It's Jxmmi. They ain't know how to spell it, so he put it on his chain

    • robert ak47
      robert ak47

      Matthew Lamp he trash

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright

    Jimmi would beat the hell out of trippie redd 100%

    • Financial Charles
      Financial Charles

      U obviously have never seen the video where jxmmi beat tf outta some nigga

    • Michael Wright
      Michael Wright

      Williams Garcia ahhh while that might be true, I know where Jimmi grew up, it’s a whole different type of fighters in Mississippi

    • Williams Garcia
      Williams Garcia

      Trippie is big and jimmi is slimmi

    • 4k Danny
      4k Danny

      Graylyn Walker yuh

    • Graylyn Walker
      Graylyn Walker


  • YungGeez pena
    YungGeez pena

    Adam would of got his ass whooped by MGK

  • yare payes
    yare payes

    Ay adam so when u gonna start lettin us know which of these rappers are mk ultra!! Lot of em is dumb asf lmao.

  • yare payes
    yare payes

    Who gives a fuck bout mgk 😢🤣🤣

  • prod. joshkta
    prod. joshkta

    you always talking about TeejayX6, I bet you manage him

  • prod. joshkta
    prod. joshkta

    his people beat up Thouxanbanfauni couple years back, that whole beef with those 2

  • Dead Beatz
    Dead Beatz

    Whatever happened to Adams old crew, like the bikers, tht one guy with dreads n shit...

  • Lapzul Music
    Lapzul Music


  • heekin777

    not that mad tbf, move on people.

  • Real CiC
    Real CiC

    Bruh people think we happy or something lol

  • codye541

    Wow, you're such a little bitch

  • Steve Hill
    Steve Hill

    Wack 100 did ko I seen it.. kick in the head to .. rip nip

  • Carlos Mathews
    Carlos Mathews

    Fuck MGK

  • David 3 Wrightson
    David 3 Wrightson

    fuckin lame for real when will someone cool come out to give us insight on the culture not this fucking guy who constantly makes the worst jokes about DEATH right after people he claims to care about die and just his ability to talk to people is not on point whatsoever

  • Richard Stone
    Richard Stone

    Adam, quit giving these lame idiots(yachty, pump, xan, etc..) spotlight and attention. Your really making yourself look stupid and a sell out....

  • Jay McKenzie
    Jay McKenzie

    does it get super cold in cali now ?? * actually askin

  • Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson

    Yachty mad he’s going broke

  • DuB All-in
    DuB All-in

    He bout to sue the fuck outta yachty bright ass jacket visble asf

  • J H
    J H

    U never made a million subscriber reaction video u ungrateful bitch

  • Cystic HD
    Cystic HD

    we throw hands in the west coast miami love to shoot 😂😂😂

  • KP Stadler
    KP Stadler

    I love hiphop but the shooting people over beef part of the culture is so dumb. Anyone can hide behind a gun, just fight or handle your shit like men

  • zay

    imagine getting into a fight with the nicest rapper in the game

    • litty lit
      litty lit

      nah watch kenny beat cave episode wit yachty. he disrespectful

2.5 mln
2.5 mln