Adam22 and Lena Shoot Their First Magazine Cover
Adam and Lena recently shot the cover of a certain magazine. Here's the vlog


    I love that jacket on him but those jeans look dumb af.

  • Iris Otero
    Iris Otero


  • J M
    J M

    How he said she was beautiful 😭😭😭

  • spook show
    spook show

    She’s prettier without make up.

  • EasternBlack

    Theres not that much of a difference between this video and the one on pornhub

  • Fishcakes

    Lena is so insecure and such a try hard....sad...not a hater, just facts.

  • young sharmuta
    young sharmuta

    bruh you and lena made for each other, yall funny asf together lol

  • Raza Bliss
    Raza Bliss

    Mst of the ''rappers'' and everyone else I've seen in the USA waste a whole lot of fucking smoke when the hitting joints. . 50% of the time they don't even inhale, Wtf

  • Camille Webb
    Camille Webb

    this is real life kev and v

  • Positive vibes
    Positive vibes

    Amazing I love them!!!

  • jcolterh

    Wow. These two are classy.

  • Christopher Diaz
    Christopher Diaz

    Adam you need to stop acting like you're famous cuz you're not you interview famous people

  • Christopher Diaz
    Christopher Diaz

    Adam 22 got his ass whipped why is it your always getting your ass whipped O ya no one likes you

  • tiffymarieseesthetea marie
    tiffymarieseesthetea marie

    I live in LA and I always get no jumper and onsomeshit Merch. I love adam22 and Lena The Plug. Such a funny and dope couple. Ps Lena looks amazing! 😍😍😍

  • tiffymarieseesthetea marie
    tiffymarieseesthetea marie

    OMG 5:15 I literally died!!! When he walked out the door that leads to nothing and opens the mailbox and goes "Oh" and pulls out a blunt. 😂😂😂😂 Adam is so funny he's sorta underrated

  • Dave Peters
    Dave Peters


  • Kriszt M
    Kriszt M

    you represent shit.

  • Jessica Centeno
    Jessica Centeno

    Lena is soooo hot

  • Jessica Centeno
    Jessica Centeno

    Wtf does Lena expect form a guy with a fucking face tattoo lmao

  • Brittany Bonnie
    Brittany Bonnie

    this guy...said he wants to show all his shoes...pulls out only 3pairs 😂

  • Cam man
    Cam man

    Do we get to eat salads yet

  • Nico Tab
    Nico Tab

    7:42 rip tha juice:(

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez

    this is a man child and i love it

  • KC Court
    KC Court

    Lena hot AF!

  • Johannes Fischer
    Johannes Fischer

    Great couple

  • Steve Fulton
    Steve Fulton

    I’ve commented on every social media platform you have lol Ima put it out there u way better than vlad TV ADAM ADAM ADAM 22 22 22 fuck Christmas I just want to pay my hospital bills ✅✅✅🔥🔥🔥

  • Brandon Lester
    Brandon Lester

    The back of my shirt looks like I tried kickflipping el toro 🤣👍

  • Jay Doe
    Jay Doe

    Excellent that pick really gets the meth head look

  • joker_XD

    She got the clout and ran, you idiot 😂

  • yung aids
    yung aids


  • Lauren

    Just marry her already

  • SaiN ZeRo
    SaiN ZeRo

    Literally looks like her creepy dad in the thumb nail😂😵😂

  • HTJP

    12:22 nip slip

  • Danilo Santos
    Danilo Santos

    Tome vergonha salada ok!

  • Liam Gallagher
    Liam Gallagher


  • SoCal Rocks
    SoCal Rocks

    Those Balenciaga shoes are going on sale in about a week in that color and in black. If anyone needs sizes let me know. I’ll find out the price tomorrow.

  • Chelsea Hawkins
    Chelsea Hawkins

    Dis cute

  • Nancy being Nancy
    Nancy being Nancy

    Lena is wifey material, Adam!! I’ll marry her

  • Ben

    Wait so they tried to pay him and he wouldnt take it?

  • Shannon T
    Shannon T

    Relationship goals 😍

  • Ozan Lüşü
    Ozan Lüşü

    Lena is hot asf no cap!

  • S Z
    S Z

    lol thats a cone alright thats what i rate it xDD

  • Tyler Balascak
    Tyler Balascak

    Amazing content Adam, keep it up! You're only going up form here :)

  • ahuizinga

    Lena is perfect, Adam is too damn lucky and should appreciate tf out of her bc he knows damn well he could not do any better

  • K

    Tony the cat filmed this??

  • Sergio Nieto
    Sergio Nieto

    Todo por lena

  • FightGame Pro
    FightGame Pro

    LMAO this shows how bad society is when some clown with a Lisa Simpson vomit face tat is doing magazine covers with a Slew lmaoooo

  • Limu Emu
    Limu Emu

    Adams face when Lena mentioned kids lol 1:18

  • Supercubix


  • Bigfoot Sas
    Bigfoot Sas

    What a duck

  • sterlihalla

    Dam he aint the best is he but fair play Lena is alright.

  • Alisa Modin
    Alisa Modin

    Is Lena pregnant?? I hope she is, I can't wait for them to be parents!!

    • JΛMΛ

      for the sake of the kid I hope not

  • David Cocanougher
    David Cocanougher

    Yr blessed to have each other Lena i a bomb shell a dream woman

  • Unapologetically, Me
    Unapologetically, Me

    Adam is a narcissistic, egotistical; with poor and extremely low self-esteem. HE HAS NO EMPATHY! He LACKS THE ABILITY TO SEE SOMEONE ELSE’s POV OR FEELINGS. EMPATHY VOID/DEAD!! He try’s to be cool. The reality, or should I say, the reality he believes; he isn’t happy with himself. he is stuck at the age where he felt the MOST trauma. That’s why his dialogue is so juvenile. Lena your being used and pimped. It’s noticeable through his interviews, how he is SO intimidated AND feels beneath, EDUCATED, INTELLIGENT SND SUCCESSFUL (non)sex worker/ non-adult industry women. . Women in the sex industry, he believes they are trash, not worthy of respect, throw away, bottom barrel bitches! That’s why he talks to them in a condemning, condescending manner. He has a love hate feelings for women. As a youth, he was constantly rejected, an outcast by peers, boys and girls. However, there is an extremely loathing and hatred for woman. Adam what trauma did you experience in your youth? There is deep rooted trauma and triggers. Lena...Lena.. you think won’t be able to find better, so you settle with this Harry (from Harry and the Hendersons) he will never love you the way you want. This isn’t love but a relationship built off insecurity, convenience and exploitation Those degrading statements. He intentionally makes her jealous. her constant feelings of jealously feeds narcissistic supply. I KNOW HE GASLIGHTS THE SHIT OUT HER. SHE PROBABLY DOES NOT TRUST HER OWN THOUGHTS. LENA ITS ABUSE. She is a captive WHO DOESNT REALIZE SHE IS TRAPPED. This man sucks her dry, manipulated and uses her to pick up porn stars. She is ONLY THERE TO COOK, CLEAN, SEX AND MOST IMPORTANTLY..PICKING UP ADULT ENTERTAINERS TO FEED HIS EGO. Otherwise, he thinks, everyone can see what he believes to be true about himself; a worthless, grotesque, disgusting human. Lena is so insecure and undeserving of respect. Her worth is measured by how Adam treats her. She lives to fulfill his desires. Her wants and desires are suffocated. Only one person wants can be acknowledged....HERMAN MONSTER...I mean Adam Smallmason. Sick sick man. He gauges is worth by having tons of sex. He was a insecure and a bullied child who never fit in. NOW, he gets to “ fit in” through young impressionable youths. He can’t thrive with adult, they intimidate and make him uncomfortable. But... as these youths grow and the sound cloud rappers mature, they will distance themselves from him because Adam is stunted in thinking. What happened to Brandon, Collin, etc?! They saw the face behind the mask.

    • K Jessica
      K Jessica

      Bro what drugs are u on

    • Take Jaylor
      Take Jaylor

      Unapologetically, Marilyn what in the god damn hell are you talking about bubba

  • Drake Rodriguez
    Drake Rodriguez

    9:00 cringe

  • Emily jane
    Emily jane

    I’m lovin these two, beautiful couple 💜💙

  • DapperDak

    Do a beard grooming tutorial. Your beard is looking fresh af brother

  • 2Cats andaCorgi
    2Cats andaCorgi

    Lena is so pretty 🥰

  • Victoria Ferguson
    Victoria Ferguson

    He said I’ve been on a diet the last three weeks got me eatin plain lays ☠️☠️☠️

  • roberto castillo
    roberto castillo

    Make another yang video pls 🙏🏼

  • Elisha Johnson
    Elisha Johnson

    Adam definitely don’t want kids 😂💀


    Bro shes fire!!!!!!props big homie!!!!

  • Evan Lemire
    Evan Lemire

    That rooftop pianos from MattOx.. "Where was you at" how the fuck I remembered I dont know

  • Brooke Marieann
    Brooke Marieann

    Lmaoo 11:06

  • Pitty P
    Pitty P

    Adam, where do I get that skeleton shirt your wearing in the beggining at?

  • Cheynie Waynie
    Cheynie Waynie

    Adams so hot in this vid😍😍😍🥴

  • Jackie R.
    Jackie R.

    Congrats pics look 🔥!! Front Cover 🤩🥳🥳

  • jerry brown
    jerry brown

    Y’all need to hurry and get married.

  • lynettez72

    No monthly bloating seen, lucky girl!

  • lynettez72

    Gorgeous couple, Adam has really worked on his body

  • H Parry
    H Parry

    Sexiest couple alive

  • blobby brown
    blobby brown

    Dude, you look so much better without the hat. Who cares I’d you’re going bald?

  • caryn martin
    caryn martin

    Adam is super handsome and sexy! And his girl is gorgie!

  • Holly Brooks
    Holly Brooks

    Lenas so hot 🥵

  • jadie-May dredd
    jadie-May dredd

    The cover looked so dope too

  • Daniel K
    Daniel K

    y'all really be finessing adam with that like button making rope gang look baddd

  • Brandi !!
    Brandi !!

    Cool. Adam send some kush so i can do video review. Do you read your comments?

  • Max Gonzales
    Max Gonzales

    When Adam walked through the door that shit made my week

  • Thoterella ••
    Thoterella ••

    Gawsh adam you cleanup pretty well😎I like that

  • Wiz EL
    Wiz EL

    lmao influencer culture is epuc

  • Fuck YouTube
    Fuck YouTube

    Congrats on the baby Adam and Lena. You’re gunna be a dad with face tats and baby’s uncle is Lil Pump.

  • KC


  • Nate Williams
    Nate Williams

    Anybody see them “PH” adam22 videos?

  • Pipedupgods Gk
    Pipedupgods Gk

    Good job people 💯💯👑🤟🏼🤴🏽👑🤟🏼💯🤟🏼🤟🏼🤴🏽👑🤟🏼

    • Pipedupgods Gk
      Pipedupgods Gk

      Can I get a no jumper suit with sum no jumper bud 🙏🏼💯

  • conspiracy woman
    conspiracy woman

    I never knew Adam22 was Jewish and a Atheist.

  • lapband100

    She is absolutely stunning

  • Lex K
    Lex K

    Adam describing a photo shoot 😂😂 “it’s like you’re doing something but your kinda not....”

  • Logan Christner
    Logan Christner

    washed up 45 year old wanna be

  • Gina Wright
    Gina Wright

    Lena is so fucking beautiful it's ridiculous man. Hottest parents ever.

  • Poppityy

    Lena is not attractive at all

  • Taylor Troy
    Taylor Troy

    is it just me or does adam look sexy af in this

  • karis

    lena is sooo beautiful

  • Antfit

    He's only there for the smokes.

  • Aurora Phoenix Sky
    Aurora Phoenix Sky

    Wait for those royalties

  • Lava Girl
    Lava Girl


  • Tasha Harris
    Tasha Harris

    Lena is so fucking needy. Tf.

  • Bonnie Wills
    Bonnie Wills

    I love you guys!!🖤

  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith

    1 hellava sexy couple! ❤️

  • Ana Ramos
    Ana Ramos

    Adam is the funniest person!!😂


    Why the title in third person tho