The Dark Side of NLE Choppa's Woke Transformation
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NLE Choppa has been making waves due to his recent woke transformation. Today I take a look at both the good and the bad side of these change in his life.

  • adam22

    You need a VPN! Use and get a special deal of $2.08 only per month + 2 Months free which is 83% off of the monthly price!

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    • $ecret$quirrel

      Yo shirt say on sum shit u on sum Christopher Columbus shit!!!

    • $ecret$quirrel

      Stay out of our stuff if u not trying help I don't like u no more bro u suck!!!

    • $ecret$quirrel

      Maybe u right for u and yours so u take a vaccine Adam but we shouldn't so be serious dude and be the white dude on our side stop dis Adam!!!!!!

    • $ecret$quirrel

      Covid is fake dummys but America so powerful they make stuff real but u kno what I'm done!!

  • explore page
    explore page

    @16:00 vaccines don't have instruction just pieces of a dead virus so your bodies cells can recognize it and build immunity

  • explore page
    explore page

    Thats just my instagram with the 4s on it liking everything lol young people so impressionable

  • Christian Henriquez
    Christian Henriquez

    Adam ur hella gay 😂

  • M J
    M J

    I thought he was ok until I saw him mistreating his dog for no reason

  • Globoy Jul
    Globoy Jul

    adam a fucking bot lmfao yu hate to see it

  • Globoy Jul
    Globoy Jul

    fuck was the point of this video lmao all this was before bro really turned spiritual

  • Mike Yelnats
    Mike Yelnats

    This content is sick. I enjoy watching you express ur mature opinions and the way this is structured. Dont mind the low views i have a feeling if u keep doin this type of analysis/explanatory content this will blow up

  • Dupe Dali
    Dupe Dali

    Now we need another interview u took what he said deadass

  • Young Hayden
    Young Hayden

    What if he's actually right tho ? It takes almost 5 years to come out with a vaccine all the sudden it only take less than a year ?

  • Michael Boost
    Michael Boost

    Hey are you back telling me

  • Michael Boost
    Michael Boost

    Okay all my friends are over right and we doing a drinking game every time you blink we have to take a drink nobody's took a drink yet y'all freaked out how you owe your eyes open that long

  • Michael Boost
    Michael Boost

    Nick anything was f***** up because it's like white people putting in Black in this place no offense

  • Michael Boost
    Michael Boost

    Yeah do a video on that the fall of the cabal silver freak you out

  • Michael Boost
    Michael Boost

    I'm black and I feel it's a waste of time and look up for all of the cabal and then you'll understand that part

  • Michael Boost
    Michael Boost

    Look up Bill Gates do research on Bill gates's father and your understanding

  • Michael Boost
    Michael Boost

    Pimp c is dead what a f***** up way to find that out 😪😥😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Michael Boost
    Michael Boost


  • Michael Boost
    Michael Boost

    What what pimp c is dead what the f***

  • Michael Boost
    Michael Boost

    I mean hiding you know having different disguises not you actually killing people I guess that's a compliment

  • OUSO OnTheBeat
    OUSO OnTheBeat

    Yeah he’s still young, I think we all go through things like this


    im done with choppa. he said corona fake and some other dumb shit

  • James Reyna
    James Reyna

    I just appreciate how you went in depth about the importance of meditation and how to do it. In karate we would sit with eyes closed, breathe in and out deeply, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Imagine a ball of air traveling from your nose through your head out your mouth. and just listin until you can hear a mile away. It works.

  • DvL ClipZ
    DvL ClipZ

    P Fizzle

  • whoaskii

    Adam I’m a huge fan but this just isn’t it you can tell you’re reading a teleprompter SWITCH YOUR WHOLE SHIT UP

    • Leonard Clocked IN
      Leonard Clocked IN

      would you rather him be stumbling his words or him actually take the time to write something out

  • Tony Richard
    Tony Richard

    Jacked the title off heloyassine

  • Jordan Seagren
    Jordan Seagren

    Wow I thought I was the only guy in the world that listens to No Jumper and Sam Harris, who woulda thought Adam does too

  • Rich Boi
    Rich Boi

    He really bored the hell out of me

    • Dai Vapor
      Dai Vapor


  • Austin Stevens
    Austin Stevens

    adam readin off a script they tryna downtalk what he’s doin

  • Zane Robinson
    Zane Robinson

    Adam trying way too hard to sound like trap lore Ross

  • Odraner

    Is it just me or does Adam explain every single thing so perfectly and crisply?

  • CodePlay

    I think imma start a campaign to ban US rappers from SA... these clowns are putting out a really dangerous message that ironically comes from the right wing. The same right wing that's trying to exterminate them.

  • Jay Nguyen
    Jay Nguyen

    the cronic 2001 was the best album ever

  • Bryce Kolb
    Bryce Kolb

    Unsubscribed your a sellout

    • S S
      S S

      Dead channel

  • WillzEX3

    Yeah I give no fucks any what you have to say about vaccines don’t listen to him about that DO NOT TAKE VACCINES

  • YGS._dredo 1
    YGS._dredo 1

    Choppa right watch y’all vibration and don’t take no needle

  • Crispchaos

    Leave the darkside of videos to helloyassine.


    Ayow get this dude some milk tell him bout how the world works, and what happens all behind the curtain's.. Adam go take care of your child.

  • Ughbye

    Me: Now what kind of hating ass fool would make this video? *clicks and sees this culture vulture* 🙄


    DJ KHALED EXPOSED: Is this demonically possessed pawn of Satan over the top or what? :

  • KnowasMariJk

    He went from Deep to Happy WHAT! DID HE JUST DO A DOUBLE SPONSER

  • Viral Challenge Selfie
    Viral Challenge Selfie

    You got face tattoos and believe the virus narrative lmao

  • Luis .Jurado
    Luis .Jurado

    good video adam! your personally really enhances the info. I like the new perspectives you bring to the pod and your vids now that you are a dad, really shows your growth

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells

    Adam has been 100 percent compromised he has a handler.

  • DreamHustlez

    I’m glad you made this video on NLE Choppa. I really feel that people believe more about celebrities who to me are nobodies. I feel we have to get to the point of doing are own research. I was shock when he stated that with no facts to back it up. And the fact he actually have a big platform where he leading people down a path of not relying on research. Yes, you do have past history on vaccines ,we are in a new year but every medicine have side affects. I feel if you don’t want to take vaccines do herbal medicines but don’t distribute your beliefs on people who don’t really know what path there going in life. People with no direction in life get lost in fake news, gossip, and etc. Overall this was a good segment. In all I’m happy for nle taking this path

  • Brad Sully
    Brad Sully

    Damn this dude is all in on conspiracies. The whole vaccine being tied to Bill Gates is a little funny though. I don't think someone looking up conspiracies makes them right wing though. Cmon Adam, we dont tune in for your skewed cali view on politics. Just please stick to hip hop news man. We dont need politics shoved down our throat at every fucking second.

  • Brad Sully
    Brad Sully

    Your face looks a lot fuller broseph with the beard.

  • Lisa Holtz
    Lisa Holtz

    Fake virus, sad as shit can’t watch anymore.

  • alyson hans
    alyson hans

    what about xxxtencion?

  • Uk

    Nle chakra

  • tiffanythevirgo

    So... we should just believe everything the government tells us because they have our best interest at heart. Yeah, right.

  • Fendi

    A Few Feds in the industry 😂

  • King Ofthe818
    King Ofthe818

    Adams a idiot and doesn't do research he barely knows hip hop, blm isn't liked by people now.. their actions have hurt their cause. George Soros isn't a philanthropist he doesn't know he buried the Euro.

  • Huffie Shakespeare
    Huffie Shakespeare

    Boi adam I hope it was worth it lol , Shitt sad

    • Rusty Wells
      Rusty Wells

      Adam day is coming his 20 seconds are coming to an end!

  • TopShottaNLE

    I Really miss Old Choppa💜🐐🔥

  • Mc Earl
    Mc Earl

    Wtf is this. I didn’t even recognize Adam at first and this video is way different than normal. I don’t ever recall watching Adam read from a script before. I bet George Soros paid for this video.......jk

  • Inadu Nai
    Inadu Nai

    brrrruh i love you but this video is so god damn borrrrring bruh

  • reaction pods
    reaction pods

    He fake woke


    says dude wit upside down cross on his face and baphomet on his hand..y’all both been “misinformed” by the devil ...and there will be consequences...repent in JESUS name before it too late...forget this fake woke nonsense 🙏🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Sacred

    All the things Adam say is bull shit choppa is a trying to bring to your attention research it for yourself

  • Sacred

    Angel numbers are real

  • Sacred

    Wait, angel numbers are important!

  • Sacred

    We need more of these

  • Relient

    you been sold out adam, don't make it too obvious now 🤣

  • 10 17
    10 17

    Who made you do this video you are reading this script like a hostage this is a hit piece yall tryna keep the ppl down

  • 10 17
    10 17

    Adam who wrote this for you

  • $ecret$quirrel

    Dumb ppl ain't hear of the flu in a long time huh u know why cuz the name changed ppl!!!

  • $ecret$quirrel

    Covid ain't real it's just ppl ain't real no more neither they computer like!!!

  • J Almighty
    J Almighty

    ⏸ bro whar


    I needed a vpn 83% off I got 3 years for $80 I’m in there!

  • Cole

    BLM is a corrupt political organization

  • Cole

    not anti vax but i’m not taking the corona vaccine cause it was so rushed so it could not be safe, so i’ll wait and i’m not at risk and i don’t usually interact with high risk ppl.

  • Gav Fitzgerald
    Gav Fitzgerald

    fully in father mode

  • Betrogene Seelen
    Betrogene Seelen

    wow you are pretty dumved down! so tell me mr.logic .. how does matter come to life! tell me the exact process! dont stop at abiogenese! tell mr exactly .. right up to the point where it starts to live!

  • B.C Productionz
    B.C Productionz

    The current state of rap rn is what capital steez was warning of

    • B.C Productionz
      B.C Productionz

      @Ran N not anything particular that he said, just by listening to a lot of his music and his interviews pretty much was implied by what he was doing he actually kinda talks about it in dead prez

    • Ran N
      Ran N

      what he say ?


    2:02 Pimp C was killed

  • Prathip Srikanthan
    Prathip Srikanthan

    Bro you need stop looking at the news and googel status of how many people died the system is corrupt get it in your brain how can a mask stop a virus did you ever see people who work with virus what suit they got pls use your brain and heart

  • gulliver e
    gulliver e

    18 MILLION people die of heart disease a year yet you can still go to MacDonalds as much as you want, smoke, drink alcohol, buy candy and chocolate at any shop, etc. Yet you still have to wear a mask, social distance, lock down and all this bullshit. If the Government really cares about all these lives why don't they focus on the bigger problem (12x more deaths), and start doing shit to stop heart disease. Thats why Choppa says its a fake virus, because its ridiculous.

  • New Russia
    New Russia

    The dark side is that it's corny and annoying as fuck.

  • Glib je sranje
    Glib je sranje

    Adam the Sheep

  • RetroGameBros

    Not adam acting like he hasnt profited off of rappers smh

  • J G
    J G

    There is no better UZload channel than MuchDank Adam come on

  • Ok

    Why do people think that mRNA in the vaccine will alter their DNA?

  • Steve

    Rappers seem to be getting more emotionally sad and satanic than emo's and death metal bands. What the heck is going on? You wonder why young people have mental health issues. The devil works thru deception of bling, coolness, money and power and young ppl dont even know it.

  • Jorge Figueroa
    Jorge Figueroa

    Nah he know about the society cause look who he be around

  • Adam Lakomski
    Adam Lakomski

    Choppa been watching some spiritual So😂

  • Cakerol Aardbei
    Cakerol Aardbei

    Choppa eat tree bark now and play with stones

  • petit fantôme
    petit fantôme

    Adam1922 taking care of his grandkids

    • petit fantôme
      petit fantôme

      Will you livestream lena's pregnancy though??

  • petit fantôme
    petit fantôme

    "fuck no jumper"

  • Shoshinaki


  • Chopp

    He’s with the deep state agenda obviously

  • Chopp

    What he meant by fake is the numbers some of the numbers are fake if u go to the hospital they mark u down for COVID even if u don’t have it . They did it to my friend

  • AllThingsGlamorous33

    clearly Adumb doesn't know about Numerology & Chinese Astrology...the time and date you were born plays a huge factor in your life. You're a 11LP Pig...

  • lucas alberto copello
    lucas alberto copello

    He was 50% right about the vaccine

  • lucas alberto copello
    lucas alberto copello

    He is speaking the truth!!!

  • HOF Screenrecord
    HOF Screenrecord

    it aint bullshit 💯💯 government is fake 💯 politics is fake 💯 they tryna control us

  • CyberGxd Cx
    CyberGxd Cx

    Adam reading a script. Showing his true colors. He's chosen the wrong side. Remember he's in the wealthy tier, he's gotta do shit like this to show he's obeying the mainstream narrative.

  • stages_ uncle
    stages_ uncle

    police 😳

  • Awakened Bray
    Awakened Bray

    Just Crazy How Much People Try To Hide And Shame The Truth to make it look bad These Vaccines and Other stuff isn't conspiracy theories its all true They put the truth right in front of our faces and Still Soo many can't see it connect the dots Do your research this is not a hate comment just informational for the people that have open minds and some people will understand what I mean most people won't but its all good

    • Lightwarrior 777
      Lightwarrior 777

      Exactly like the movie songbird

  • Arturo Morales
    Arturo Morales

    Nle is right sum people need to wake up ASAP 🤦🏻‍♂️