Travis Scott Sued by DJ Paul! Bun B Shot Somebody!
here's todays news. let's frickin talk about it

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • Kenny

    i liked the angle of this setup

  • lauren kay
    lauren kay

    ur dope but Eminem came up w Stan lol

  • Logan Bme
    Logan Bme

    21Savages auntie said let’s bust out the firewater sticks. Ahaha

  • Walter Clayton
    Walter Clayton


  • Meg C
    Meg C

    UGK 4 LIFE!!!! RIP PIMP C.

  • Jonathan E
    Jonathan E

    Dj paul head is huge

  • jamie moore
    jamie moore

    An o.g.shirt cor an o.g.dude

  • Born Again
    Born Again

    Bro did waka clear “fuck the club up” with 36 tho? I’m legitimately asking

  • Alex Reinisch
    Alex Reinisch

    20 million over 1 hook? too much bro

  • Taela Burbank
    Taela Burbank

    Yo adam hook it up with some shoes 11.5

  • LiTAGAMii
    LiTAGAMii Adam plz peep!

  • Rick Garza
    Rick Garza

    Like these low key made videos. Alot cool shit going on. #Nojumper

  • Dan Diener
    Dan Diener

    Nas X nipped tracy #neverforget

  • Ryan Matson content *WolfPack Family
    Ryan Matson content *WolfPack Family

    DAVE EAST >>>>>>

  • A J
    A J


  • 8th Hokage
    8th Hokage

    YO, should check out and do a small reaction video on australian drill ‼️ love your videos bro

  • The Official Underscore Sks
    The Official Underscore Sks

    Young man Stan rubber bands bando Rambo xl Uber cuz I’m hella fat

  • The Official Underscore Sks
    The Official Underscore Sks

    I use it

  • The Official Underscore Sks
    The Official Underscore Sks

    I’m old younger Denzel on a beat #ult

  • donald Nicholl
    donald Nicholl

    Dave east defending the real nas he's signed to nas

  • Dylan Summers
    Dylan Summers

    Gary owen tweet is both. Stupid to tweet it, and people are bein too soft.

  • kushnasty Mcdabz
    kushnasty Mcdabz

    Stop spending time promoting weak rappers and read the gat damn book

  • S Esparza
    S Esparza

    I love you Adam 💗

  • Ammar Hossam
    Ammar Hossam

    adam 22 > no jumper

  • James Flood
    James Flood

    UGK for life!!!!

  • James Flood
    James Flood

    Welcome to Texas cuzz!!! We shoot dont we call 911!!!

  • Patishungry

    When you getting the Lil Nas X interview Adam?

  • The Haze Collective
    The Haze Collective

    Fuck old town road. We were just heading in the right way fs.

  • Benzito

  • Seannnxk

    if he didnt actually say "tear the club up" why is he being sued.

    • Veggie8886

      @Seannnxk yeah nigga

    • Seannnxk

      Veggie yeah?

    • Veggie8886

      Because Travis Scott is trash

  • Yxung TrapAholic
    Yxung TrapAholic

    We backk🔥🔥 2 days late 😳

  • LPLT

    Gary Owen gets a black wife and thinks he's part of the black community, he is the definition of a culture vulture.

  • whooked

    dj paul the goat

  • Jay i
    Jay i

    Nas is a lyrical genius and a low key business tycoon, a venture capitalist that had early money in ring the doorbell cam, pill pack, Dropbox and lyft, getting that corporate money, he's the rap version of shark tank

  • Yvngskrill Yvngskrill
    Yvngskrill Yvngskrill

    Rope gang 🤘🏻🖤

  • Jeremey Alford
    Jeremey Alford

    I give eminem all the credit for the word stan. It came out from eminem years earlier than lil naz x was ever thought of!

  • 2PhoneSensei

    What’s that beat at the end

  • Nylon Python
    Nylon Python

    I feel like i've seen enough of the inside of Soulja Boys house from all his viral Instragram live videos that i could probably rob it pretty successfully too. That being said how fucking stupid do you have to be to steal somebody's phone and then take live videos of your faces and then your literal back yard, this is going to take the LAPD 10 seconds to solve.

  • Josh Thomas
    Josh Thomas

    adam i love you but how you never listen to astroworld? Youre supposed to have this place in hip hop but you never listened to an album that was nominated for a grammy? cmon dude

  • Ben Amor
    Ben Amor

    All I can think of Is the porn he made with Lena that I busted to

  • Supreme Surfer
    Supreme Surfer

    Paul not getting shit he dead af off that

  • Şilēņł Ē
    Şilēņł Ē

    9:07 There Is A Fine Line Where Copyright Law Falls Into Account, This Is A Perfect Example Where Someone Remixed A Song And Tryed To Sell It As His Own.

  • ESCO

    Yo Adam, Eminem released Stan before ether so I’m sure Nas used Stan cause of that song and called jay z a fan

  • Alex Keith
    Alex Keith

    dj Paul @8:40

  • BCFHardHitterz

    Thought dis was Mac Miller for some reason

  • Azazus

    Big ups to Adam for giving clout to the porn industry. I think you the only youtube music A&R/Outlet that does it lol Yo, holla at ya boy when you ready to cover some of my tunes. You'll be the first to cover this FL artist ya dig 🤘🏾besides hnhh


    Who cares if Dave east dont like it

  • Alo Spiritual
    Alo Spiritual

    Fuck DJ Paul

  • StrangerOf The206
    StrangerOf The206

    Go ask that boy Skip That nigga Bun rip With one clip, soon as the gun slip Now I done ripped out my Barrelli Flyin' through yo Pelle Pelle and Some smelly red jelly is drippin' out of ya belly Servin' 'em like a Deli jumped on my cellular telli Ho sell it like it's goin' out of style You can't see me Marcus so have a Motherfuckin' Sweet and a smile

  • Mad 1ri3
    Mad 1ri3

    Dave East sounds like a mad jealous female hating on Old Country Road for no reason like that. Smh.

  • Eh


  • Jax Bauerle
    Jax Bauerle

    R.I.P. Pimp C

  • Kevin David
    Kevin David

    U sweet sweet if u actually think that is a actually beef it ain't

  • Alex Ayala
    Alex Ayala

    I never thought that I would ever have to deal with the fact that to protect my life somebody might get killed

  • Big Black Boot Borus
    Big Black Boot Borus

    Idk if your going to see this but supposably 69 won the case and is getting let out if jail at some point but idk how true it is

  • Conor Nelson
    Conor Nelson

    Come to Nz every white person says nigga

  • Akhil Kahlon
    Akhil Kahlon

    Fail fail fail

  • BYOB Media IE
    BYOB Media IE

    hey @adam22 if you need any music for your podcast I have some for you

  • Carter Lee
    Carter Lee

    Yea but nas wouldn’t have said that if it weren’t for Eminem don’t discredit shady

  • yunweez

    Bruhh what was the safe password

  • Tristan Lafleche
    Tristan Lafleche

    I swear that man yg looks like Shrek lol💀

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man

    I respect how much u respect the people to not even act like u wanna say it 💯💯

  • nathan !
    nathan !

    Songs straight trash

  • hiphopfiend13

    Dude your new shits really good I like what you’re doing

  • Bo Byrd
    Bo Byrd

    Man nobody even knows anything about nas using the word stan. Em came up with that period and made it what it is.

  • Piebeats

    STan really means S-A-TAN

  • big jim
    big jim

    So stupid how opinions become into a confrontation! Nobody can say anything today because they get shit on for it! Who gives a fuck if somebody says something about you! They are just opinions and not facts! So next time someone tells you something negative just ignore it and make it positive! You will be way more mature!

  • ENCR

    The real Nas who Dave East signed to his label could sue Lil Nas X to change his name

    • Era TV
      Era TV

      Lulz... No he can't.

  • Justin Arbuckle
    Justin Arbuckle

    Keep doing what you doing Adam. Like your videos/channels no video is the same. Plus good ass content!!

  • sebasztian muri
    sebasztian muri

    Bro your news segments are awesome and very neatly done love to listen to them.

  • wylie sansbury
    wylie sansbury

    it comes from em u idiot

  • Steve Harvey
    Steve Harvey

    thats dumb as hell to give nas more credit for Stan lmaoooo

    • Unknown

      Steve Harvey I agree when Eminem created it like that’s dumb asf

  • nollieflipcrook

    He’s looking at the Simpsons cartoon drawing of the girl and says “yeah it does look she got some work done on her face” HAHA

  • nollieflipcrook

    Why does he say “speaking of DJ Paul” when he literally didn’t say anything about DJ Paul before that? Lol

    • Conscious X
      Conscious X

      Thot i was the only one to notice that

  • outside GREASE
    outside GREASE

    congrats on game of thrones,i cant but b4 i die i will

  • California

    imagine robbing soulja, going on his iG live, then getting clapped by the cops without getting to enjoy anything about what you took. man must have a lumpy head


    OG Bun B..................

  • SnacPacZack

    Wait just cuz I'm white I can't post black or African American lyrics??? Why? They said it I didn't

  • sm5pac3

    theres vids of that uldouz chick giving head. good stuff. also how have you only listened to astroworld once? wtf man

  • SnacPacZack

    Soulja been robbed b4 not a shock an I bet he set it up himself Jessie smollet ass boi

  • SnacPacZack

    Ok nobody using Stan Adam chill out we know ur an em fan

    • da real envious
      da real envious

  • SnacPacZack

    Ok hold up were are putting a name in the dictionary? WTF when did Webster become the urban dictionary... Please stop dumbing us down.. Lol seriously I have yet to hear Stan used in a real conversion without it being a fuckin metaphor...

    • da real envious
      da real envious

  • Ravio Lee
    Ravio Lee

    why the censor tho? this channel is definitely not for kids so why bother?

    • da real envious
      da real envious

  • Claudia Claudia
    Claudia Claudia

    Lilnas x hella sucks

  • SnacPacZack

    What does slavery have to do with snitching first off... What we can't have opinions now? I don't like country road.. Its a parody of a country song... Lil nas x = Weird Al.. No body took him serious

  • Ron Oneal
    Ron Oneal

    Damn Adam really be into the culture..I think if calicoe met Adam22 he would take avocados place as his favourite white boy

  • G59

    adam wtf is your video man what do you use to edit its like at 30 fps.... make it to 60 please so it can stop looking like shit

  • lost and found
    lost and found

    Paul George: Bad Shot! Dave East: Bad Song! Lmaaooooo

  • Victor Charo
    Victor Charo

    When Adam tries to tweet a famous rap lyric just post "real ass bitch give a fuck about a nigga"💀 if lil yachty made it then you could say it😂💀

  • Lando

    Travis > Three 6

  • StihlHead_98

    Gary Owens fucking stupid

  • StihlHead_98

    Shoutout for the Nas History

  • Garrett


  • Nando

    Stan came out in 2000, Ether came out in 2001. But nas deserves the credit? He clearly got that from em. But Nas is black so ig he should get the credit. Word.

    • Supreme Surfer
      Supreme Surfer

      Big Gucci stfu

  • Jkeeboi 716
    Jkeeboi 716

    Sooooo were just interviewing pornstars and sound cloud rappers? Uhhhh....okie???

  • 4ener

    Old town road is wack Dave East will murder bootleg nas

  • Aaron

    You need to hire a better designer because these OSS tees you've been wearing look corny as hell

  • Green Tamale King
    Green Tamale King

    idk man u just werent bringin it today...

  • King Khi
    King Khi

    Lana Rhodes not no. 1 g

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