Helping A Random Fan Get His Girlfriend Back (VLOG)
today at the store we hung out with all the fellow smokers and we even went so far as to get this guy his girlfriend back. Also Drego and Beno showed up so that was tight. Enjoy!

  • itsokayimhappynow

    2:26 he mad or sumn? haha

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • parodyLovesAirpods

    2:52 Logan Paul pulls up in the back

  • Henry Marckisotto
    Henry Marckisotto

    "It goes pretty deep" that's what she said

  • A J
    A J

    Mexican andy is such a fucking bitch! 🤣🤣 GTFO!

  • ExpiredPants

    Iphone vlogs still kick tons of ass

  • michael mostert
    michael mostert

    What track is that right in the beginning

  • Charles A. Mayfield
    Charles A. Mayfield

    cOOL VIBEz

  • Pypeup

    What was the song in the beginning with the Asian beat?

  • mishmashstephy

    That song by gunna is haunting me!!! Such a good song! So is the sample song!

  • boxing4 life
    boxing4 life

    Lol u gonna ask Adam to get ur girl back ull wind up seein her on a private snap gettin plowed by Adam nd lena

  • Jail Watch
    Jail Watch

    respect for putting lena at the end of the vlog so i can click off when she shows up

  • remzgangsta

    on cocaine again i see

  • DirtbagDick

    Interview chills

  • Brian Saka
    Brian Saka

    Ugly murch 😂 my nephews a better designer then that his 10


    This feels like a 2016 early 2017 vlog with begin, ruby and nate in it

  • vxnmvr

    Aye free xan

  • David Duque
    David Duque

    No jumper and your modern crack house

  • MadTrilla TV
    MadTrilla TV

    Adam is for the people

  • Brandon V
    Brandon V

    That dude is so disrespectful for breaking that wood like that, broke my heart when it hit the floor. .

  • paul berric
    paul berric

    What’s the song in the beginning.

  • Ben Geary
    Ben Geary


  • salvador santoyo
    salvador santoyo

    Fuck that bitch

  • Justin St Jules
    Justin St Jules

    9:48 "the black michael cera"😂😂

  • Night Mare
    Night Mare

    That blunt must of been hella stale as fuck lmao none of mines have done that

  • Lil alcapon
    Lil alcapon

    The end y’all on the same page I fw it 💀

  • Purple_Genisis

    Hey that is daniel balldereds who was asking for the girl back

  • M&S Minecraft
    M&S Minecraft

    Kingbach at 11:32 ? :,)

  • Gengi 615
    Gengi 615

    Maybe stop being a soft bitch

  • Supreme Xd
    Supreme Xd

    I love the intro😂


    Hakeem owns 2 outfits tops

  • Sainto

    Cool scene

  • Sleep


  • Jay Bernen
    Jay Bernen

    "This is like the black Michael Cera" lmao

  • Ya mama
    Ya mama

    What’s the gunna song in the beginning

  • Southwest med grow
    Southwest med grow

    Your merch looks like s***

  • Damion Scarberry
    Damion Scarberry

    the tat on the side of that dudes head was bad ass lol Mexican Andy just poppin in randomly

  • Lilb

    Begin knows what’s good, spliffs are the way to go for sure

  • Sam Parker
    Sam Parker

    whats the name of adams store?

  • LukeNukem In The Morning
    LukeNukem In The Morning

    y'all soon poop

  • Miggie s
    Miggie s

    “ for someone random dick at the bar “ I’m crying 😂😂

  • Alex

    oh so she wants to fuck around ? Lol why this dude apologizing tho? 😂

  • TD92


  • Pedro jr.
    Pedro jr.

    Bro poured up Adam a line nd he aint even pay for it lmao who he think he is

  • Jake Collett
    Jake Collett

    Put mark in the vlogs more

  • Ike Royal
    Ike Royal

    I wonder if Adam and Lena would smash A black girl

  • Roxas Roxas
    Roxas Roxas

    omg house phone a chia pet

  • Ike Royal
    Ike Royal

    I smashed Tina

  • Ike Royal
    Ike Royal

    8:11 simpaholic

  • rotina da nega zl so palhasadas e roles divertido
    rotina da nega zl so palhasadas e roles divertido

    Kkkkkkkk nossa top um dia vou pra ir

  • Root er
    Root er

    Meckcikan aynde E

  • oderatie cain
    oderatie cain

    nice to see adam high again


    That poor blunt

  • daniel

    Literally everyone in Australia smokes weed with tobacco it's called spin

    • T'Chykka

      *Cancer cells

  • Boomin Scott
    Boomin Scott

    Shout Out Mexican Andy Cx

  • RoyalKing

    6:38 Mexican Andy Heeee Fuck it dude !!!

  • Ellow

    Phil is the best!

  • Corrupt Benny
    Corrupt Benny

    Adam make some xxxl mercy i’m fat nigga

  • Ghhh Bbbn
    Ghhh Bbbn

    Where do IRL streamers live outside ?

  • Philly Fan
    Philly Fan

    11:41 didn't know DJ akademics was hanging with these guys

    • iAmSlump777


  • Elijah Leyba
    Elijah Leyba

    5:59 😂😂😂😂😂big fail ahahaha

  • Drip Ward
    Drip Ward

    On some shit seems like a ghetto chuckle cheese

  • fractal

    plot twist Adam and the plug fuck his GF lol

  • Joseph Koenigs
    Joseph Koenigs

    shout out XanMan out the DMV

  • Chris Gg
    Chris Gg


  • sventhh

    from 7 weeks to 7 years.. uhm

  • Trehnt

    Damn cash Bently and allem bout to blow

  • Tre Blacc
    Tre Blacc

    3:25 somebody should’ve clipped his ass

  • follow me
    follow me

    DramaBmusic look him up ode fire bro

  • The kill Spot
    The kill Spot

    Wrecking the weed ... nigga you cheap !!!!

  • Cee

    So basically he has nothing to offer her 😂 I would have dumped him too after that answer

  • Quaalude Nation
    Quaalude Nation

    I dnt like click bait titles it makes me not wanna watch the vid even though it’s fire

    • Quaalude Nation
      Quaalude Nation

      So cringe

  • Andrew Furbush
    Andrew Furbush

    lmao Hakeems new friend got helllla drip

  • ruben arends
    ruben arends

    in b4 adam and lena fuck christina

  • Noah Contresceri
    Noah Contresceri

    Whats the song @ 0:32 ?

    • Sara

      Noah Contresceri gunna- who you foolin

  • Tyler Vail
    Tyler Vail

    Adam thought her Canvas school account was her website 😂😂 I’m dead

  • Austin ,
    Austin ,

    Begin is such a fucking nerd. He does not belong lol

  • Rob Ode
    Rob Ode

    Good stuff man, good stuff

  • Ding Zzz
    Ding Zzz

    Y’all need help graphically in the merch department. It’s really lack luster

  • Nicole Kaye
    Nicole Kaye

    Love when the guy taps his wood to hard and it breaks 😂😂 he looked like he was scared to smoke that.....he wasn’t expecting that 💪

  • Warz

    1:47 shoutout Canvas

  • Chase N
    Chase N

    She on canvas she from Florida fw my ig infamousyungin

  • gangster cowboy
    gangster cowboy

    "So she dumped ur ass or what?" -adam

  • Malcolm From The North
    Malcolm From The North

    Don't ever @ me if you put cigs in with your weed.

  • SneakQne

    The Rope Pope out here saving relationships.


    Drego had poopy pants

  • Matt Consalvo
    Matt Consalvo

    she's fuckin someone else

  • / / /∆ \ \ \
    / / /∆ \ \ \

    I broke my big toe, so all I have to do is watch No Jumper vlogs. I miss my toe, but this is a good substitute.

  • Cash Carti
    Cash Carti

    you bob dyland her lmaoooo

    • Cash Carti
      Cash Carti

      @UCnkORSQjXZylgBD1AfNXR0Q deaaad bruh follow me on ig no CAP @hippieispunks

  • Stephan Jacobs
    Stephan Jacobs

    "also if you want to see me in a bunny costume banging her and her friends" lol what

  • Alex

    The way that nigga wearing sunglasses without there being any sun out... he definitely don’t deserve his girl back 💀

  • Kevsepticaye OG
    Kevsepticaye OG

    909k subs. My boy needs his mil.

  • Kevsepticaye OG
    Kevsepticaye OG

    Blunt First Aid Kit. The world needs one.

  • YHWHzion

    Find someone who cares about you. Bunch of really dumb idiots in this hip hop generation

  • md5matt

    “Ima put u on to cash bently”😂😂😂

  • jackbentley

    MGK at 6:45 😫


    Sorry but the lil peep tat was fucking gay on peep let alone on the side of your head. God I hope the kids wake up soon. This shit is outta hand

  • Sheen 420
    Sheen 420

    Lil Mexican Andy on the rise

  • leo lombardero
    leo lombardero

    what the name of the song he plays on every intro

  • TheLovelyPotato

    Anyone else realize she’s using canvas to do her school work

    • TheLovelyPotato

      s3xylegend indeed

    • s3xylegend

      She truly knows what struggle is