Kodak Black got 4 Years in Prison. Why I'm Disappointed in Him.
Kodak Black got 4 years in Prison. Here's why I'm so bummed about this situation. Follow No Jumper on Facebook: facebook.com/No-Jumper-198283650194402/

  • adam22

    so close to a million subscribers. help us get the plaque!!!

    • Daniel Tapia
      Daniel Tapia

      He’s Haitian not African american

    • Anatoliy Antonov
      Anatoliy Antonov

      @adam22 @vladtv u guys feel like you’re leeching off this society’s ills just like rap does? And @adam22 who u mean by us! I’d help u Adam but u r one man show just like vlad is! Don’t say we say me

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      KC Court

      adam22 congrats on 1 Mill Adam22!!!! You da best!!!! I have a bunch of my friends addicted to both channels!!!! Every interview is fire 🔥 We all love you Adam!!!!

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      I cant believe I've been watching your videos so long and am just subscribing, well you should hit that M any time now

    • Evelyn Galindez
      Evelyn Galindez

      Stop speeding he doesn’t o you Anything

  • JimmyJohn Jeremiah Jr
    JimmyJohn Jeremiah Jr

    Who here after the trump pardon

  • GDSprodify

    Kodak Black is Not African-American, He is Haitian-American.

  • RandomExclusive

    he's a fuckin rapist ???

  • Watery Sun God
    Watery Sun God

    I feel like you're not being empathetic. Kodak is a dark-skinned man in America... Kodak acts like he does cause he's hurt. And I respect your opinion but you truly wouldn't be able to understand. But I know you have demons too. His are just different. Sending love Adam

  • Monk Killedababy
    Monk Killedababy

    They are not AT ALL strict at the Canadian border... that's just not true. I've spent my life going back and forth, the US is WAYYYYY harder. Not even close -- and i'm a citizen of both countries. Don't make shit up, Adam.

  • Joshua Farmer
    Joshua Farmer

    Kodak black is just not very good at making decisions lol

  • Akim Smith
    Akim Smith

    Only correction, Kodak isn't African American, he's Hatian American

  • TG Jump
    TG Jump

    congrats on the million

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    s02 Pzychotik


  • RobertTheDon

    4 years better than life

  • FeaR Endless
    FeaR Endless

    yo thats scary the gun laws that loose wtf this is a problem

    • FeaR Endless
      FeaR Endless

      like real shit

  • Tyler Padgett
    Tyler Padgett

    Dude got lucky with 4 years... I thought gun charges are like 5 year minimum. Especially after multiple charges

  • gar beal
    gar beal

    He is a scumbag

  • Sean P
    Sean P

    Well Put

  • grimeeditor

    The same thing that makes him crazy is the same thing that makes him a genius

  • Folkz15k


  • aaron stelmach
    aaron stelmach

    7:48 the good weed in canada is off the street, dispensery weed is bunko

  • Billybobby Boone
    Billybobby Boone

    #FREEKODAK Kodak is jus a real MF unlike 99% of all other rappers fuck the haters uzload.info/fun/qGWNhoKzra-inoU/video

  • Vintage Guy
    Vintage Guy

    So Kodak’s just a fuckin idiot

  • Big Chungass
    Big Chungass

    Aint jit facing 40 years now

  • Leah Delanry
    Leah Delanry

    seems as this point kodak wants to go back to jail, no disrespect but maybe hes more used to life in there

  • Micheal Mailman
    Micheal Mailman

    Kodak is lucky he an entertainer because if not he would be doing at least 10 years brohamilton riding down Camilton.

  • Micheal Mailman
    Micheal Mailman

    Congrats on 1 million subs brother!

  • mikeBdope

    When Kodak gets out he should go by his own name Bill Kapri actually sounds dope!!!

  • KaliCo Music
    KaliCo Music

    It sounds like he was high on skme shit

  • T

    Lmao it's his choice who gives af that he got 4 years.. y'all acting disappointed like u personally know him 😂😂 gtfoh

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    He a goon to the bone he got this wealth by luck

  • POETIC Har-Money TV
    POETIC Har-Money TV

    he will be cloned

  • Cudder str8 legend
    Cudder str8 legend

    HIP HOP POLICE But the reason Kodak is putting that other charge back is because hes scared. The only reason someone gets a lawyer to get a case pushed back is cuz they are scared it coast more money. I know because ive had a case pushed back multi times and god it coast me soooo much for a good lawyer and getting a case pushed back. But at the end of the day im happy i went with who i went with because i did no jail time or probation on 2 dwi/dui's and a weed charge on one of the dui's. Im sooo lucky in soo many weighs idk how it worked out like it did. i just got a call for a deal and got one thrown out but had to pay a fine for the weed and the deal was that i got was Dwi/Dui dropped to reckless driving and fines 3K$ because I wrecked my car head-on going 30-45mpr idk and was knock silly. But i was able to get to the hospital nothing really bad was hurting just but was knocked out for a sec when i hit the car ETC, but got them to give me a blood drug test that saved my ass on one of the dui because im a weed smoker but wasn't high on weed just weed on me. That type of drug test has now been banned in my state a couple month back because drugs get out of your blood faster etc. All I'm trying to say is You always need cash put back for a Good lawyer. if i didn't i would of done jail time or probation for yrs and would of ended up in jail because of weed if i got probation. Im happy i fallowed that rule i planted in my head when i was younger.

    • Timothy Trubenbach
      Timothy Trubenbach

      WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK? You really comparing your dumb ass driving while intoxicated twice and smashing another car and having a little bit of weed to some serious fucking criminal offenses???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Bro That shits not even a felony. And straight up if you gonna do dumb ass shit like that, I can't cosign on that shit cause you deserve tyo be put in time out AND THINK about what your dumb ass did now... As far as "putting the money back for a good lawyer, yadda yadada, (You mean have a rich mommy and daddy who come out of pocket for you...." Get real, you're a joke. But I'm glad you at least not stuck in the system even tho you deserve it. Stop doing stupid shit and stop giving advice regarding legal things and jail... Or driving.

  • 2PhoneSensei

    1:39 “this is where it starts to get good” Also in bluefaces interview ft wack100 .. he also laughs with them when clowning Nipsey’s death... What’s up w this dude lately...

  • Rafael Mercado
    Rafael Mercado

    You can look at Kodak an just know he has felonies lmao😂😂😂😂😂😎

  • Wil

    Not to sound racist but just from the looks you look like a trump loving, MAGA hat wearing Republican who loves guns, ARVs and cant stand Mexicans and blacks so I am very confused to hear you talk about rap and kinda ashamed of stereotyping people. KSI brought me here but will definitely subscribe although you were not rooting for him to win

    • Dan Glenút
      Dan Glenút

      the industy cycles through these violent people, write their lyrics for them, produce their beats for them. kodak doesn't have an ounce of talent him. most of these rappers dont. they're just a face to sell bangers the retards buying chrystler 300s and chargers on 22s blare through their systems while thinking they're big shit for slinging dime bags. the music is tasteless, soulless, and isn't even real. the industry purposefully scouts out these sorts or will fund a few soundcloud songs to create the impression of being a real artist when they aren't. stay off of jezebl, theroot and worldstar and you'll realize you're being played like a fiddle

  • eddie b
    eddie b

    No he’s fucking dumb

  • MoSSyGamez

    Take these clowns to an island and let them kill each other.

  • rich money
    rich money

    i like the words you used man. “unsophisticated” is a perfect way to describe the way he’s moving smh

  • Matthew Castro Chiaravalle
    Matthew Castro Chiaravalle

    #FreeKodak salt

  • THATGUY7o5

    This gangsta seriously changed his name from Dieuson to Bill

  • Michael Gordon
    Michael Gordon

    Who gives a fuck about drakes opinion on “street rap”.

  • jayjoob

    They gonna clone him

  • Barnstormer

    Kodak Black is 100 persent % Mad!!!

  • Angel Guzman
    Angel Guzman

    How you going to listen to a hood rapper and be surprised in him ending up in jail. You guys be the same ones bumping his music that talks about drug slanging and pistol whipping mfs. #freebill

  • Kill

    What happened to Suburban Boy? You and can take a person off the streets but you can't take the streets out of a person

  • Morty 100mg Distillate Gummy
    Morty 100mg Distillate Gummy

    Damn! adam22 spittin' truth, for real for real. Respect.

  • Focus Balance 23
    Focus Balance 23

    Go listen to the song spur and listen to Kodak part stay woke 🎰🎰🎰

  • Jesse

    I want to see the footage of him in the gun store, and I wanna know why they didn't know who he was? He's pretty known & recognizable, it just seems weird. However hes dumb af to get a gun that'll be traced back to you, everyone knows that you can buy any kind of throw away on the street, but as a millionaire why? The stupidity is off the charts

  • Titanic

    He deserved it.

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    Who's been a BIG fan of *ADAM22* before 2019?? 💙 👇gifting next 36 loyal subs🎁

  • Wild Outdoors
    Wild Outdoors

    Man kodak worried about these no name mfs that dont mean shit they bringing you down kodak dont let em get to tou like that

  • Nibs Sean
    Nibs Sean

    PLOT TWIST! he only did it cuz he wants us to show him as much love as we did when he first got out 😂

  • Tiger Style
    Tiger Style

    Never was huge on his music but goddamn yo. This shit is sad. Why tf you buying legal when guns are easy af to get in the streets? This shit is too dumb. He just ain't built for the life if he did all that. Just cause ya got the guts don't mean ya got the brains and it takes both to survive. But he don't even need either to survive, that's the worst part. I can usually sympathize a little more cause I lived most of my life in the mix but I wasn't a successful artist either. I was trying to eat.

  • Dai Brown
    Dai Brown

    Shxt sound like a set up to me 🤷🏾‍♂️ I know that man wouldn’t do no dumb shxt like that. Free Yak 💯

  • ShaneOh

    Uh so he was still able to walk into a gun store, completely make up a social security number and still walk out with the guns? Lol ya that’s a great system we got here

  • tristan Ruff
    tristan Ruff

    So, why is it so easy to buy a gun with fake information...

  • Autisticles

    Kodak is allergic to freedom... smh

  • Jackson Rust
    Jackson Rust

    Just bout me a gun and I dirty’d it! Dirty d damnit!

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi

    jokes aside but i feel like Kodak really enjoys jail.He always tryna make himself go to jail.

  • it ve
    it ve


  • Oliver Capp
    Oliver Capp

    Kodak’s the next Gucci he just gotta get his mind right

    • T


    • JungleJuice 4
      JungleJuice 4

      I swear lol Gucci pushed hoes out cars lol

  • Leeanna Ferrell
    Leeanna Ferrell

    Soooo pissed at him. Literally my favorite rapper 😢

  • CharlesDaily

    A gun with a bullet in the chamber with his prints left at the scene? Somethings not adding up here

  • •allstopblue •
    •allstopblue •

    Low IQ rapper is as low IQ rapper does. This is just an example of one of them actually getting caught. The “culture” glorifies this shit. It’s a problem. Whatever happened to simply drinking a 40 and smoking a blunt with your homies?

  • Nerd City
    Nerd City

    He stopped just short of posting the shooting to his Instagram Story.

  • andy A. Centeno Toro
    andy A. Centeno Toro

    Is Adam still doing g daily news?

  • Robert Lauderman
    Robert Lauderman

    Bro did you realize that last time he was in prison he came out with no face tattoos looking all different I thought it was weird but I don't know that much about tattoos I didn't know you get them removed especially that quick and I feel like if you had him removed from your face you would be able to tell that something was done

  • Dank Sinatra
    Dank Sinatra

    He's not stupid he's just (defines stupid in like 3 different ways)

  • GQUE

    Kodak is also charged in squeezing co’s nuts which required surgery 🤦🏽‍♂️ why support a man thats an alleged sex offender? Jus saying, what happens if he’s found guilty? Are you still supporting him

  • Jimmy

    It's where the dude belongs to be honest. The dude's a fucking idiot. And this is coming from someone who likes him.

  • Anthony Hutchins
    Anthony Hutchins

    Fuxking moron! He would have been way better off just buying it off the street. He filled out paperwork and then discharged a store bought weapon that is trackable...

  • Broseph Thomas
    Broseph Thomas

    If u dont wanna get thrown in jail for stupid shit, dont do stupid shit! lol that simple

  • logan sneed
    logan sneed

    Gucci's Clone Out Here Tellin'

  • phatts02

    IS YOU SERIOUS??? Sounds like he was set up. Aint no one dat dumb, it don't fuckin make sense him leaving a gun. But someone else... Mutha Fuckas is Hungry !!!!

  • Chowxm _
    Chowxm _

    Guns in the vicinity of your baby.... that’s basic. Lmao hahaha 😂

  • Nick

    Dumb fuck

  • Evan Serrano
    Evan Serrano

    I mean WTF did he want to get caught up or some shit but really just seems like he did....!

  • Enthusiast2024

    I think your points are all valid. And I think it is really important to consider what he could be going through as a person, hard to do given these offenses are relatively stupid.

  • 80's horror Ronnie Pierce
    80's horror Ronnie Pierce

    Ignorant , stupid, you keep doing same dumb shit expecting a different outcome

  • AuroraX7

    LMAO i just lost it at 10:48

  • J

    Adam is a Disappointed father

  • F. Q.
    F. Q.

    What happened to the sexual assult charge he was being accused of?...4yrs is nothing compared to the 20-30yrs he can get for a charge like that.

  • Jack

    This doesn’t add up..

  • john rosciolo
    john rosciolo

    Mad dank weed in Pennsylvania bro you would be suprised with our dispensaries

  • Laser Beam
    Laser Beam

    I have no respect for Kodak black cause he chooses to be in an out of jail like he has two choices like he could be taking care of his son like a normal man does or he can be stupid and be in prison and he chooses to be locked and guys like him with kids are the reason y there kids want nothing to do with them like his music is ok but as a person I don’t respect him

    • Bulls420

      You will not make it far in life

  • Lord Killa90
    Lord Killa90

    He probably gave a homeboy information to the gun shop that didn’t have a record

  • Neil542

    kodak hella gay grabbing balls and shit maybe the guard wouldn't give it up lmao

  • Twilight Zone 2020
    Twilight Zone 2020

    He was set up.

  • Glizzy Gobbler
    Glizzy Gobbler

    Who wanna bet he’s gonna hey fatter too

  • Your A Wizard Harry
    Your A Wizard Harry

    kodak blacks "original" name

  • Shane O'Neil
    Shane O'Neil

    Yo brother do a reaction to the new peep album

  • Duck

    Dumb is too mean? Shit you really dont wanna know what I gotta say then

  • kgain673111

    Kodak messed up his bag big time. His last album was fire and revolutionary.


    What a fuckin idiot....There are tons of artist and producers that would kill for the opportunities he's had....lock his slow ass up for not counting his blessings..cant fix stupid

  • Chris C
    Chris C

    Canadian border is nuts. They tore apart my exes car, interrogated us each alone for an hour, made her sob cry...all because I had tattoos and they didnt believe I wasnt in a gang.

  • Cody Nelson
    Cody Nelson

    It’s Gucci Mane all over. Hope he makes it out like wop.

  • Zach saysfvck12
    Zach saysfvck12

    What yall dont realize is that Kodak had to do that to the CO to gain rep with the zoes in Florida cause in the Florida prison system the Haitian zoe gang who Kodak claims is very very strong inside the prisons in Florida he knew he was gonna be locked up for a long time so he needed to cement himself by doing the highest earning rep you can do (assault a CO) so anyone who doubted him now know hes about what he rap, for that reason less people will try him/ doubt him while hes locked up


    so you're telling me that facebook is back from the dead?

  • E •
    E •

    Do people really believe this news 💀

  • AllEyezOnMe

    After he dissed wayne and then nipsey he lowkey got annoying 2me

  • Jon L
    Jon L

    These young rappers are sooo naive and really just stupid. They all want to bang but they don't know the basics...they have minds of 14 year olds and they surround themselves with other young idiots that don't know the first thing about successfully breaking the law. Hilarious. Childish. Complete amateurs.

  • Trick SFL
    Trick SFL

    Fuck Kodak that nigga loves jail nobody cares 😂😂😂😂